Watch as BLM Set SC Police Station on Fire

July 6, 2021 in Columnists, News, Video by RBN Staff


Source: The GOP Times



Peaceful Antifa® brand forces of the Black Lives Matter™ army decided to throw a little luau in South Carolina. They invited the Rock Hill PD as the guests of honor at the BLM pig roast. Lighting a police station on fire is not insurrection or anything, neither is obstructing traffic. The viral video of two brothers being arrested in a violent confrontation with cops makes it all okay.

BLM didn’t ‘riot’

A unit of around 100 black uniformed Antifa® troops armed with BLM approved improvised weapons and riot gear “blocked intersections in Rock Hill before they set a tree on fire outside the law enforcement headquarters around 11 p.m.”

They managed to hold law enforcement at bay by “hurling rocks and bottles at officers before authorities in riot gear and the fire department responded.”

Video footage documents “law enforcement standing toe-to-toe with a crowd.” The mob was calmly yelling, “No good cops in a racist system.” The cops continued to just stand there and act as human targets for rock throwing practice. Not a single arrest was made all night long. Neither side reported, or admitted, any injuries.

The police didn’t even bother to wast the tear gas supply on the BLM radicals. Police insist that “tear gas and other nonlethal munitions were not used to quell the crowd.” Nothing was used to quell the crowd, they were allowed to riot as they pleased.


The mob was upset because, once again, the police dared to do their job and arrest a BLM member. Earlier that day, “Rock Hill officers and authorities from the Department of Homeland Security stopped Ricky Price.”

Price was well known to local law enforcement, described as a “known offender.” As police explain, a “K-9 later alerted the presence of narcotics after he called his brother, Travis Price.” According to the incident report, the investigators “located two bags of marijuana hidden in Ricky Price’s car door and found a 9mm handgun in his back seat.” That’s good for a trip to the station.

Bumped and shoved

The last thing gang-bangers should be doing is assaulting police officers these days but they think they’re allowed because BLM types are so special these days.

“As officers tried to take Ricky Price into custody, Travis Price reportedly ‘bumped’ and ‘shoved’ officers while trying to collect his brother’s belongings, which were temporarily removed following a search.”

Street-corner lawyer Ricky knew they would have to take the cuffs off when he asked the police to “remove his jewelry.” as soon as the latch popped, Ricky did too, attempting to flee. Ricky Price allegedly “threw multiple punches, one of which struck a policeman in the face.”

They scuffled for a full 15 minutes and nobody got shot. The whole battle was filmed on Facebook Live by a BLM bystander who suddenly “gained more than 2,200 likes and around 92,000 views.”

Police managed to subdue both of the brothers and brought them to the ground. One “officer was seen punching Ricky Price’s thigh ‘to gain compliance.’ After Ricky Price allegedly continued to resist, police hit him in the face.”

After they had the brothers safely in a squad car, they noticed a “Crown Royal bag containing crack cocaine” in Ricky Price’s vehicle. Travis Price “was booked into jail for resisting charges.” Ricky “was transported to a local hospital after the incident.” BLM has not yet issued a statement or any demands.