When is it Enough?

August 11, 2016 in News by RBN

via: Renegade Tribune

How many quotes and statements does it take to wake people up? How much evidence and how many facts are required? How much more pain and suffering must we go through, before we finally realize what is going on? How far back in history must we go to prove to people what is going on in our present time? How many Jews must be around a certain politician for the movement to acknowledge that whenever there had been Jews around an individual that such an individual was a traitor of our People? How much longer are we going to remain passive and believe that by simply following the mainstream media and politics, we are somehow going to change something – create a positive outcome in our cause and movement? How is waiting for a specific messiah of any kind going to change anything? Is there any hope left? Have our people been entirely brainwashed?