Why I Vehemently Disagree With Rush Limbaugh On This

October 7, 2019 in News by RBN Staff

source: newswithviews.com

Last week while driving home from Lubbock, TX, almost a two-hour drive, I was listening to the entertaining Rush Limbaugh.

A caller came on the line and vented his robust frustration that despite all the hearings, all the truth that comes out – more than enough to put people like Hildebeast Clinton, Comey and many more in federal prison– no one is ever indicted. No indictment, no conviction. No one serves jail time.

None of them lose their lofty status out there in the corrupt swamp called Washington, DC. If anything, they all go on to lucrative book and speaking deals.

Judicial Watch gets a ton of documents suing under the Freedom of Information Act. One committee after another for years produce more than enough evidence, not hearsay, for federal grand juries to convict.

And yet, there is no justice for the families of Benghazi. No justice for all the criminal wrong-doings by so many players it would take 100 pages to list them all.

Now we have this phony manufactured Ukraine BS.  Durham and Barr working to undercover the truth about the phony Russia collusion but at the end of the day, will even one of those rotten, corrupt players ever be brought to justice?

The caller lamented this is what is driving Americans to fever pitch anger and outrage.  Millions and millions of us feel the same way.

Where Are the Indictments of Those Implicated in the Coup Attempt Against Trump?

Limbaugh’s response was we have to keep winning elections. That’s how we win! By getting the majority in the House, Senate and White House. If the corrupt get indicted and convicted, that’s nice.

As I was listening, I thought to myself, do you really believe that crap, Rush? Do you really want to tell your 20 million listeners, well, this is the game out there and the only way we win is to win elections?  If the guilty go free, eh.

Well, we did give the majority to the House, Senate and White house in 2016, didn’t we? So, how did that work out?