Why is America Not Right?  Because There is Too Much Left in America, Though Not Much America is Left

April 2, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je Suis Spike for RBN


Much of the “indignity” that leftists and liberals claim to “suffer,” is primarily only that which is right.  And by liberals in this case I mean not only the professional whiners, but also, and sadly, those who are mixed up to the point that they believe they can’t/shouldn’t respect nature, even calling boys girls and girls boys, as though they believe they can rescind gender, which they can no more rescind than gravity.  Yes, much of the “indignity” that leftists feel is because they are wrong, not right.  The problem is that these people who believe not only that they are better able to understand justice, but that, in their vain imaginations, through government, they can mete out justice better than the ordinary man or woman, you know, better than “the people.” But with legislation or merely by renaming gravity, they believe that they can overcome it and deny it. It is easy to see that legislating gravity to be not gravity would be feckless and another of a million grossly misplaced uses of government power.  But the leftists cannot see that calling boys girls and girls boys, in deference to their hateful, hateful, hateful political correctness and their fascist tendency to judge those who disagree with them, is a misuse of power and a great misunderstanding of nature.  They believe they can change actions by renaming them.  This is why they renamed “confiscatory taxes” as “contributions” and “abortions,” as “reproductive health.”  They seek to use the law to restrain the rightful behavior of, well, the right, but not the left.

Let me clarify, please.  Due to the fact that liberals trust government and its power, they use it like the blunt-force instrument that it is, in order to shape society into their own, very weird image by legislation.  Leftists and liberals see that somebody pulled from a burning car, saving his or her life, being injured during the extraction, is an opportunity to shape behavior and arrogate to their vain selves ever more government power, so they make laws so that people who are responsible for injuring others while saving their lives can be sued out of all of their money and their homes.  Guess what? As a result of such litigation becoming known, people hesitate to help others, for fear that their intended good deed ends ups leaving them homeless and penniless, having to spend everything to defend themselves.  Of course liberals then point fingers at society when people refuse to help.  Who is helped besides unscrupulous lawyers?  Government and the government-power-loving left is helped and left more empowered.

Also, if you’re as old as I am, late 50s, you definitely remember all of the society-shaping that liberals, both in and out of government, have foisted upon decent people by telling parents that they shouldn’t discipline children, actually making spanking illegal in some places and making parents subject to suffering the removal of their children from their homes by government agencies.  This has resulted in a society of many parents being afraid to discipline their children at all, afraid to even mete out reprimands for any manner of misbehavior.  And many old guys- like me- don’t even tell kids to “knock it off” when they’re acting up in public, for fear of being excoriated by some government-backed dumb ass liberal who couldn’t think his/her way out of a room with four doors, who tells us that we’ll harm the children’s self-esteem and that “the (16 year old) children” need to be able to vandalize the property of others and conduct themselves disrespectfully toward others in order to express themselves as individuals and to grow into all their potential.  Of course this only results in making more bullies and more adults who throw tantrums because, as children, they learned that tantrums get them what they want.  And, of course, they become left wing voters.

Here are several examples of what leftists have foisted upon America as they use legislation and popular media to affect attitudes and instill into decent, right-thinking people the fear of misplaced law and the blunt force power that might knock down their doors:  As mentioned, some people will not help pull somebody from a burning car because they fear of being sued for injuring others in the process and being sued.  Men don’t punch out their sister’s husband when he beats her, and for fear of the misplaced, damn immoral law, fathers as they ought to, do not BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT of so-called men who post REVENGE-PORN images of their daughters on the World Wide Web.  Fathers failing to protect daughters of any age is a damn shame! This may be our nation’s shame greater than any, except for everybody’s (read Spike’s) failure in America to protect unborn babies from the slaughter-of-innocents foisted upon us by God-hating leftists.  (They renamed “unborn baby” as “unviable tissue mass,” and “products of conception,” so as to confuse others and salve their consciences.)

This is why there is less good, less right, in America than there can be and should be; we have way too much left in America.  That is not to say, though, that there is much America left, it is diminished every day and will soon disappear altogether if America’s men don’t find the righteous indignation and moral certitude that used to result in properly administered justice, damn the immoral laws and misplaced government power.

Thank you for reading this,

Je suis Spike