Window of Opportunity to Terminate Covid Super Vaccination Agenda Closing Fast

August 24, 2021 in News by RBN Staff

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Only We the People

Can Shut Down the



State of the Nation

The New World Order globalist cabal knows that the American Republic cannot defend its national sovereignty or territorial integrity until a critical mass of U.S. citizens reclaim their personal sovereignty.

KEY POINT: There is a direct relationship between national sovereignty and personal sovereignty which is actually an inviolable law.  This is why the hidden masters of the U.S. Federal Government have created the open border crisis and encouraged illegal aliens to flood the USA.  They’re know that illegals are financially desperate and easily manipulated, and who possess no will to preserve their personal sovereignty.

The violation of this universal law was quite successfully carried out by the EU leadership in Brussels throughout the establishment of the European Union superstate.  Now look at the chaotic conditions and intractable conflicts occurring all over Europe because of how easy it was to foist the Covid tyranny on each country since their citizens have done very little to defend their personal sovereignty.

The primary objective of the wholly staged Plandemic is to irreversibly invade the personal sovereignty of the American people via the various Covid ‘vaccines’.  The Covid criminals are also infringing on personal sovereignty through so many illicit COVID-19 mandates, orders and restrictions.  In this way, the physical health and psychological well-being of the entire citizenry is being severely undermined so that national sovereignty can no longer be protected.

Window of opportunity closing fast

It’s of paramount importance for every American to understand at this critical juncture in U.S. history that we, as a nation, are only moments to midnight.  We the People must now act, and act swiftly and decisively, if the body politic is to avoid the imposition of a full-blown totalitarian government tyrannically ruling a communist country—the USSA.

The globalist cabal is now implementing the NWO agenda with extraordinary precision and efficiency.  Theirs is a very tight schedule with very little wiggle room.  Their primary goal is the rapid execution of the GREAT RESET.  As follows:

2022: The Controlled Demolition of Everything

Given this stark reality, the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda must be halted post-haste so that OPERATION COVID-19 can be exposed as the “genocidal biowar and manmade hoax” that it truly is and forever terminated.

The single best way to thwart these nefarious schemes is to resist and protest at every turn.  Every aware person must step up to the plate in their communities and reveal the truth however they can.  Speaking truth to power needs to the the norm going forward, not the rare exception as it has become.

If there is one way for We the People to coalesce around the urgent necessity to shut down THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC, it is this.

The informed and upright U.S. citizenry must take initiatives that are way outside of their comfort zones.  There is a very good reason why the Patriots own the vast majority of guns and ammo throughout the 50 states.  That graphic expression of their constitutional right to defend themselves and their property is now coming into the foreground across the USA.

In point of fact, pervasive gun ownership is soon to become the decisive factor in the most vital Patriot implementation plan today.  If you are an American patriot and/or concerned citizen, please take some time to read the following vital post.


Bottom Line

There is only one way to take back the American Republic from those who have stolen it: We the People must do it.  In view of the quickly developing Covid predicament nationwide, the willing populace is compelled to act NOW with great resolve and courage.  This can best be accomplished by participating anyway anyone can in PROJECT TAKE BACK THE REPUBLIC.

But, remember, every Patriot and Truth Seeker must first:

State of the Nation
August 21, 2021