The Bardon Report w/ PJ Bardon

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Saturdays 9pm – 12am CST

PJ was born in Ireland and grew up working in all aspects of farming during his youth. In his adult life he’s worked for various multinational Food/Drink companies as well as Pharmaceuticals, Volkswagon Parts + Labor and also spent time in Civil Engineering on the Old Man River Dam Project as well as various demolition projects while living in Alberta, Canada.

PJ has seen and done a lot during his 15 years of research while he’s traveled nearly two million miles behind the wheel and survived five depressions each worsening. So now he’s bringing his research and his experiences to Republic Broadcasting’s airwaves via The Bardon Report!

There are five main goals of The Bardon Report:

  1. Exposing the horrors of SSRI Pharmaceuticals and the isolation of the mentally ill via confidentiality rules.
  2. Providing crystal-clear evidence of the dangers of Vaccinations and their use to destroy the health of major portions of the population.
  3. Revealing the demonic nature of GMO foods & seeds as well as the treacherous nature of American Farmers.
  4. Shedding light on the deadly effects of Fracking and The Water Wars.
  5. Presenting the truth about Carbon Taxes and the perversion of The Sustainability Principle.

Tune in Saturday mornings at 8am CST / 9am EST on RBN to listen to The Bardon Report!

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