Resurrect the Republic with Thomas Lacovara-Stewart

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Constitution and the corrupt Federal Reserve Banking system and the many historical white washes is the body of this show… to educate the public as to the deception by moneyed incorporations as our founders referred to them. Unlawful alterations of the Supreme Law, the Amendments that are of the issue and the solutions to once and for all give our all to “restore the Republic”.


A man who truly understands the full measure of the Dept of Defense gone wrong and victim of one of its programs that nearly claimed his life, Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart, Oath Keeper, former Fire-Fighter, Researcher, Liberty Activist, Constitutionalist, Investigative Reporter and staff at the Weekend Vigilante Show… out of South Jersey/Philadelphia, he has been a “boots on the ground” force. From marching on Trenton and Gov. Florio’s gun control when a teen, to Adam Kokesh’s unlawful arrest in Philly… He has rode in the DC Shutdown convoy, rode in to the WWII Memorial, busted the Barrycades and marched them to the White House to deposit them. Tom is a staff writer for Patriots Ride For The Constitution. He has been back time and time again. He is also a speech writer for FreedomWatchInc and Mr. Larry Klayman… researching in the National Archives for fun, is his kind of “weekend out”.

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