Local sheriffs to feds: We got this

  Source: The Lewiston Tribune | By ERIC BARKER Giddings, Goetz contend they and their staffs would patrol federal lands better than national agencies Two local sheriffs say a bill that
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Evan Hyde: Taking Down the Deep State

  Source: Public Intelligence Blog Published in full by permission of the author. The Fourth Turning Purge of Deep State Fraud An Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump and
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Great News For Net Neutrality: Trump Selects Ajit Pai To Head FCC

  Source: Activist Post | Op-Ed by Lily Dane On Monday, President Trump selected Ajit Pai, the Federal Communications Commission’s senior Republican member, to head the FCC, and the mainstream media lost
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Did Jeb Bush Win The Election?

  Source: Chuck Baldwin Live | By Chuck Baldwin Conservatives and Christians who supported Donald Trump need to wake up to the reality that the election is over. The Wicked
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The Greatest Threat To Our Freedoms: A Government of Scoundrels, Spies, Thieves, And Killers

  Source: Zero Hedge   Submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, “There is nothing more dangerous than a government of the many controlled by the few.”—Lawrence Lessig, Harvard
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Ron Paul: All I Want for Christmas is a Government Shutdown

Source: YouTube Published on Dec 14, 2014 All I Want for Christmas is a (Real) Government Shutdown by Ron Paul The political class breathed a sigh of relief Saturday when
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