Israel Is Walling Off Bethlehem, The Birth Place of Jesus

Source: WHTT | By Tom Compton Millions of American Christians are unaware of the plight of the city of Bethlehem and its Palestinian inhabitants in the West Bank of Palestine. The Israeli
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ELCA Lutherans Palestinian Peace Not Walls Campaign-Major Breakthrough

    Source: WHTT The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) approved a resolution calling on the U.S. government to end all aid to Israel if Israel does not stop building settlements
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Major Lutheran Denomination Votes For Free And Separate Palestine

  Source: WHTT | By Charles E Carlson Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: Stop US aid to Israel if settlements allowed to stay According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency: The Evangelical Lutheran
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Vigil To Punch A Hole In The Israeli Separation-Apartheid Wall

  Source: WHTT |  Tom Compton  Dr. Dan Tirza was appointed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be the Chief Architect of the Israeli “Security Barrier” (more accurately known by
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Nakba – The Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

WHTT | Tom Compton | May 1, 2016 Mention the word “Nakba” to most Americans and you will get a blank stare. “Nakba” is a the Arabic word for “catastrophe” and refers to
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The “State” of “Israel:” a “Nation” Conceived in Hell

By: Carol J. Asher For nigh on 70 years to date, everyone talks about it; literary scholars and politicians endlessly wrangle over it.  And while untold millions both swear by
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Another Look at Shared Values by America and Israel

WHTT | Tom Compton | April 7, 2016  Here’s some shared values by America and Israel that will not be mentioned by US politicians stumping for office. Expressing “shared values” enumerated in this
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Two State Solution is a “Trap” — Gideon Levy on Israel-U.S. Relationship VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT

Gideon Levy delivered a speech about what he would like to tell U.S. Congress Members about U.S. / Israel relations. VIDEO: TRANSCRIPT:

Why Israel’s schools Merit U.S. Boycott

WHTT | News Post | January 8, 2016  Another national academic group condemns racism in Israel education  LA Times Opt in story reports: “In  its annual convention this week, the Modern Language Assn., which represents
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Next head of ‘Civil Administration’ said Palestinians are sub-human

After the Oslo Accords, the Israeli army renamed the Military Government of the West Bank the Civil Administration. MK Eli Ben-Dahan was just appointed to oversee the Administration, which oversees
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