Seth Rich’s original Reddit posts altered, 663 comments deleted

  Source: Intellihub It’s obvious a massive cover up of Seth Rich’s murder is underway … Deep State operatives are in full cover up mode when it comes to the
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  Kim Dotcom has released his official statement about Seth Rich being the DNC Wikileaks information provider. The entire statement can be read HERE. Kim Dotcom says, “I KNOW THAT
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Dr. Eowyn: New​t​ Gingrich calls murder of Seth Rich “an assassination”

  Source: James Fetzer Blog | By Dr. Eowyn Assassination (noun): killing or murder for political reasons. This morning, appearing on Fox & Friends, referring to the murder of DNC staffer
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The Firing Of An FBI Director

  Source: News With Views | Read More Articles by J.B. Williams  WARNING! This is the first column in over 20 years that contains no hyperlinks for the supporting evidence. Links have
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Please, Trump, Stop Extrajudicial Executions

  Source: WHTT | Charles E Carlson  Donald Trump is being widely criticized for telling Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, the truth: that when it comes to killing, Americans do not
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What I Hate – Merle Haggard

  “… seeing chemtrails in a clear blue sky, today.”  

Assassination Video Series by Larry Engel: ‘Nine US presidents #23 Wallace’

  YouTube | Larry Engel Published on Oct 4, 2013  A series of articles exploring the deaths of nine US presidents and other leaders from the point of view [that] they
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The Centerpiece of US Foreign Policy Struggle: The 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations and the US-Iran Nuclear Agreement

In the village of Duma, an 18 month old Palestinian baby died following the fire-bombing of his family’s home by Israeli settlers. The father of the child died of burns
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