Source: Conservative Videos As seen first on the Gateway Pundit. CNN interviewed Bernie Sanders on Friday and asked him about General Flynn’s talks with Russia before taking office. They
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Sanders: Government Should Destroy Religious Freedom In Order To Fight ‘Racism, Sexism, Homophobia’

  Source: The Daily Wire

CNN: “It’s Illegal” To Read Wikileaks Clinton Emails, You Have To Go “Through Us”

  Source: Information Liberation | By Chris Menahan                  CNN anchor Chris Cuomo says “it’s illegal” for common plebs to read Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails
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Donald Trump: The election in November will be rigged

  Aug. 01, 2016 – 8:18 – On ‘Hannity,’ the Republican nominee slams Hillary Clinton for lying, makes appeal for Bernie Sanders voters Watch the latest video at

Detailed List of Findings in Wikileaks DNC Document Dump Pre-Convention

  Source: Freedom Outpost | By MICHAEL DEPINTO  On Friday, Wikileaks released nearly 20,000 hacked emails it says are from the accounts of Democratic National Committee officials. The documents were released just
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Bernie Sanders Asked About Failures of Socialism in Venezuela and Refuses to Comment

It’s no surprise Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is an advocate of socialism. He’s openly advocated for socialist policies on the 2016 campaign trail and back in the 1980s, Sanders
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How Donald Trump Exposed AIPAC

New Republic The rapturous reception for the Republican frontrunner revealed the gap between AIPAC and the majority of American Jews. BY MITCHELL PLITNICK  March 24, 2016  When the American Israel
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Feudalism – Then & Now

Zero Hedge | Tyler Durden on 03/17/2016 20:00 -0400 The American public has two clear choices: Fight back, or accept serfdom.  Source: The Burning Platform      As Gaius Publicis recently
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Super Tuesday – Trumpomania and The Bern

WHTT | Posted by AUDIO VIDEO weekly | March 3, 2016  Is the 2016 primaries bought and paid for politics, or is it different this time? Our four WHTT panelists were unusually divided
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NY Times Attacks Bernie Sanders For Not Sounding Jewish Enough

WHTT | News Post | February 24, 2016  Bernie Sanders  is closing in on Hillary Clinton, running ads promising to break up the US monopoly banks, a promise not heard in my lifetime from a
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Partial Audits in Iowa districts reduce Clinton’s winning margin to .25%, assuming full audit correlates further – Sanders won Iowa and Clinton stole it

Politico | Darren Samuelsohn & Gabriel Debenedetti   MANCHESTER, N.H. — Hillary Clinton still has defeated Bernie Sanders in the Iowa Democratic caucus, but an internal party review released Sunday
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Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders refuse to concede Iowa, citing theft and shady circumstances

February 3, 2016 Both runner-ups in Iowa’s 2016 Caucus have come out and made statements regarding their defeat at the hands of the Cruz and Clinton campaign. Trump having made
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2016 Iowa Caucus decided by… a coin toss?

“Thus #IowaCaucus works A tied vote is broken by throwing a coin Win @HillaryClinton” Así funciona el #IowaCaucus Un empate a votos es roto lanzando una moneda al aire Gana
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Ryan Dawson: Bernie Sanders to the Woodshed


Bernie Sanders Campaign Does Not Like Questions About Israel


News With Views | Kelleigh Nelson Beck, Barton and Cruz Ever wonder what happened to Glenn Beck? Remember, he was the guy on CNN and then on Fox News who
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How Bernie Sander’s Economic Policies Would Empower Mega-Corporations – Stifle Small Business

The Free Thought Project | John Vibes Politician Bernie Sanders is very good at identifying problems, and that is why a lot of people like him. He talks about problems
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  By Cliff Kincaid September 26, 2015 Socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is ecstatic over the pope’s address to Congress. In a message to his supporters, titled, “Why we must
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POLITICS-GOVTA prediction from Judicial Watch about ‘Servergate’

One News Now | Chad Groening A conservative watchdog group predicts that Hillary Clinton could be forced to give up her presidential bid.  “I think Mrs. Clinton and her immediate
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Proof Violence and Weakness Is All Democrats Have To Offer

Yesterday in Seattle, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was holding a rally attended by around 2000 people. As Mr Sanders stepped up to the microphone, two black women forced their way on
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