The Wallacization of Fox News

  Source: Lew Rockwell The Wallacization of Fox News By Robert Ringer If there was any doubt in your mind that Fox News was on a trajectory to becoming a
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  Newt: “Look, the number one problem in almost all these cities is George Soros elected left wing – anti police – pro criminal district attorneys who refuse to keep
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Joe Biden Just Recruited An ARMY…You Won’t Believe What Kind and Why…They Plan To Take It All!

  via: Freedom4um Freedom4um Poster Comment: An army of lawyers.          

Clinton urges Biden to not concede ‘UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES,’ calls for ‘massive legal op’ in case Trump sees narrow win

  Source: RT Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton implored the current challenger to Donald Trump, Joe Biden, to not concede defeat in the election, sparking accusations from the GOP
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BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Breaks Silence – Joe & Jill Are Lying About IT ALL!

  via: Freedom4um   The Next News Network

Democrat Party Operatives Warn Media Not to Criticize Kamala Harris

  Source: Need To Know | Fox News and Washington Times   Democrat operatives, pretending to be advocates for women, sent a memo to media organizations cautioning against criticism of vice presidential
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BIDEN: Holds Live Stream And Gets A Whopping 19 Viewers

  Source: Investment Watch         h/t CrsCrpr

Watch Court Filing Against Biden Over $156 Million Corruption Scandal

  By Red Politics  Nancy Pelosi Leaks Her Plan To Rig The Upcoming Election

Autoworker Who Confronted Biden in Viral Video Speaks Out: ‘He Went Off the Deep End’

  Source: Western Journal | By Jack Davis Autoworker Jerry Wayne said Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden “went off the deep end” when Wayne pressed the former vice president about his position on
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Dr. Jill Stein Calls Out Biden’s ‘Cognitive Decline’

  Source: Western Journal | By Jared Harris A continuing serious of gaffes by former Vice President Joe Biden has many questioning the Democratic presidential candidate’s mental state, and now one prominent leftist
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Joe Biden is ‘devout Zionist, in the back pocket of Israel lobby’: Analyst

  Source: PressTV By Mark Dankof US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is a “crook” and “devout Zionist” who will lose against President Donald Trump if he is nominated by
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Joe Biden Promises Pathway to Citizenship for 11 Million Illegal Aliens

  Laughable. Notice that the number of illegals remains LOW.   For several years now the number has been stuck on 11 million illegals.  ???  No one else has come in?
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Amy Klobuchar Ends Campaign, Will Endorse Joe Biden

  Source: Western Journal By AP Reports Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar ended her Democratic presidential campaign on Monday and plans to endorse rival Joe Biden in an effort to unify moderate
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The Deep State Establishment Is In Full-Blown Panic Mode

  Source: American Free Press By Patrick J. Buchanan From the day he entered the race, Joe Biden was the great hope of the Democratic establishment to spare them from
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Impeachment: One Coup Leads To Another

  ***UPDATE: THE SHOW WILL AIR THIS COMING MONDAY, DECEMBER 30 (Not Jan. 30 as originally published). Continues on RBN’s STOP THE PRESSES! Dec. 30 In this edition of WIN, Jason
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Some TRUTHful Democratic Party Slogan Suggestions

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MUST WATCH: Joe Biden EXPLODES in Anger When Voter Asks About Hunter, Call Him a “D**n Liar” and Challenges Him To Push Up Competition and More…

  Source: Red Right Videos | By daniel   Biden is at it again and this time might be pretty bad for his numbers. If people were starting to question him before, they’ll
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Oh, This Is Bad: Joe Biden’s Wife Was Not Killed by Drunk Driver – The Accident Was His Wife’s Fault and Truck Driver Was Haunted by the Tragedy til His Death

  Source: Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft For years Joe Biden has told the story about how his wife and daughter were killed by a drunk truck driver in 1972.  The
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Panic Sets In For Brennan, Schiff In Trouble, This Is Just The Warmup – Episode 1986b

  via: Freedom 4um Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit Report date: 10.03.2019 The [DS] have just exposed everything, the lying, cheating and their agenda. More and more
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BREAKING: Author Peter Schweizer Drops Biden Corruption Documents – Shows Hunter Involved in Sale of US Company to China with Potential Military Applications

  Source: Hide Out Now Author Peter Schweizer from the Government Accountability Institute joined FOX and Friends on Monday morning to discuss the Biden Family’s massive pay-for-play scandal. Schweizer is author of
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