WHTT Asks Southern Baptist Convention Messengers To Choose Life Not War

Source: WHTT   Members of the vigil team from We Hold These Truths greeted messengers to the 2017 annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), held in Phoenix, Arizona.
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Vigil at Stockton CA Church Hosting CUFI Night to Honor Israel Event

  Source: WHTT | By Charles E Carlson Our veteran California vigil leader, Craig Hanson, is planning another vigil at Lakeview Assembly Church in Stockton, CA. Before every vigil a letter
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NeoChristians Use Scofield Bible to Justify War

  Source: WHTT Maidhc O Cathail is author of this well researched piece, which we can not fault so we quote it all. We hope you will visit the author’s website
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The Shadowy Origins of C.I. Scofield: Godfather of Christian Zionism

WHTT | Tom Compton | February 4, 2016  To better understand the origins of the divisive and poisonous version of Christianity, Christian Zionism, one needs to look into the life of C.I. Scofield,
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Millions Of Lovable, Corrupted Christians Believe Zionist Doctrine

WHTT | Tom Compton | February 4, 2016  We always welcome challenges here at We Hold These Truths. In this dynamic, 23 minute program, we address an email sent to Chuck Carlson from
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Christian Zionist Waning Influence On Presidential Politics

WHTT | Tom Compton | January 29, 2016  When Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump recently spoke at Liberty University (founded by the late Jerry Falwell, one of the godfathers of the Christian Zionist
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One Person Vigil At Christian Zionist Event Gets Remarkable Results

WHTT | Tom Compton | December 12, 2015  In this 27 minute program, first time, We Hold These Truths vigil leader, David Canaday, talks about his successful, one man vigil held at “A
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WHTT’s Latest Posts: A Call to Action Against Christian Zionism

The Latest Posts From We Hold These Truths:  Excerpts: Dear Miss Victoria Hearst To: Miss Victoria Hearst Praise Him Ministries 120 Redcliffe Drive Ridgeway CO 81432 Dear Miss Victoria Hearst, I
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Netanyahu Escalates War on Palestine

Freedom4um | Stephen Lendman Israeli desecration of Islam’s third holiest site continued for a second day. Soldiers and police attacked Al Aqsa Mosque worshippers, terrorizing them – on the phony
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Marching to Zion – Christian Zionism and 1948 Israel Exposed!


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