via: BLACKLISTED NEWS |SOURCE: MOON OF ALABAMA In July 2016 the FBI under its director James Comey launched an investigation against the Donald Trump campaign and “Russian influence” on it. Comey
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The Acceleration of Censorship in America

  Source: The Unz Review | JOE LAURIA TABLE OF CONTENTS  Support from Independent Media Watchdogs & Media Defending Censorship Why Critical News is Suppressed Why Russia Is Targeted Accelerated Censorship in the
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Who Is Jared Kushner: Trump loyalist or Kissinger protege?

  Source: RT | Robert Bridge Never before in the annals of US politics has a top presidential adviser had more of an inside track for influencing the White House than
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Hillary has snapped. “I Was The Victim”: Hillary Blames DNC, NYT, “1,000 Russian Agents,” Comey And WikiLeaks For Loss

  via: Freedom4um | By Zero Hedge Earlier today Hillary Clinton offered up what some have described as one of the most delusional interviews of all time at Recode’s CodeCon conference,
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Comey Investigated Clintons Four Times: Let Them Off Each Time While He and His Family Benefited from Clinton Related Work

  Source: Gateway Pundit | Jim Hoft  Former FBI Director James Comey was involved in at least four different Clinton scandals and in all cases he let them off! 1st Encounter Comey’s
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Bad news for the Trump-Russia tinfoil-hat brigade

  Source: New York Post |By Paul Sperry During a Capitol Hill hearing this week over his investigation into allegations President Trump worked with the Kremlin to steal the election, FBI
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The Political Class Murders Itself

  Source: The Z Blog The point at which the Roman Republic moved from republic to empire is generally placed at the point when the Senate granted Octavian almost unlimited
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James Comey Just Explained How Establishment Media Legally Creates Fake News

  Source: DC Whispers   Check out this quote from FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to Congress today: “…It’s perfectly legal for someone attending a classified briefing to LIE TO
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Trey Gowdy Finds Out FBI Director James Comey Won’t Obey The Law & He’s Pissed

  Trey Gowdy New James Comey Russia Active Measures Interference Investigation Congress Hearing 3/20/2017

President Donald Trump to Keep James Comey as FBI Director

  Source: The Political Insider | By Walter White During the 2016 presidential campaign, FBI Director James Comey was an extremely polarizing figure due to his controversial handling of his agency’s investigation
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