Google joins Monsanto among the most evil corporations in the world by announcing ban on anything it considers a “conspiracy theory”

  Source: Natural News | Robert Jonathan   (Natural News) Google has published another update to its Quality Rater Guidelines that grades conspiracy theories as meriting a lower search results ranking. Some 10,000 search quality
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Those CLEANSE your conscience death bed confessions: JFK assassination

  H/T: Steve in Ca. Source: Daily Mail | By DALYA ALBERGE FOR MAILONLINE   EXCLUSIVE – ‘JFK assassination was an inside job’: Ex-government agent claimed ‘someone from his team’ killed the
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Prince Talks About Chemtrails New World Order Illuminati Depopulation

Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated: HAARP Confirmed Weather-manipulation Tool

“Built at a cost of more than $290 million, the site has 180 antennas on 30 acres that are used to direct energy into the ionosphere, which is 55 miles
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Don’t Be Fooled By “Conspiracy Theory” Smears

Source: Global Research CNN and Newsweek recently launched dubious tirades against what they called “conspiracy theories.” Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal published U.N. Considers Reopening Probe into 1961 Crash that
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Conspiracy Theories are Good for Libertarianism

Source: Lew Rockwell One thing that’s been the subject of much debate in libertarian circles, is what many would refer to as “conspiracy theories”. I hate this term, because I
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10 Health Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be Real

By Michael Snyder Republic Broadcasting Network Do you believe in any “health conspiracy theories”?  Do you believe that there are “natural cures” for diseases that the medical establishment is not
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