Source: newswithviews.com By Paul McGuire We are seeing bizarre news coverage of shooters, heavily armed that are gunning down both civilians and police with increasing frequency. The recent Dallas shooter was
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Racism? By whom? This video of Texas cops stopping a black professor is a racial ‘Rorschach test’

via: The Washington Post University of North Texas professor Dorothy Bland was walking around Corinth, her affluent Dallas suburb, on Oct. 14 when she was stopped by police. Bland, who
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Another Recession Alarm After Dallas Fed Outlook Deteriorates For 10th Consecutive Month

Zero Hedge | Tyler Durden For the 10th month in a row, Dallas Fed’s Manufacturing Outlook printed a deteriorating negative signal. At -12.7 (against expectations of a modest rise from
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14yo Muslim boy arrested in Texas for bringing a ‘bomb’ to school. Except it was a homemade clock.

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