Virtual Reality Used to Vaccinate Children

  Watch as a VR headset is used to ease the pain of vaccine shots. via: Reddit  

All Homeopathic Products Now Illegal?

  Source: From the Trenches World Report | By The Sleuth Journal About 5 million U.S. adults and 1 million U.S. children use homeopathy every year, and the remedies are known to
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A.I. for the defense: Bot beats traffic tickets

  Source: Pivotal Point | by Jon Markman  Next time you get a traffic ticket, there’s a bot for that. The artificially intelligent software defends drivers against traffic tickets – and wins often.
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Skyrocketing health care costs: Thanks President Nixon!

  Source: The Critical Aye   Is the health insurance business a racket? Yes, literally. And this is why the shameless pandering to robber baron corporations posing as “health providers”
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Paralysis of the will to live

We see the signs all around us. They are impossible to ignore. Taken to their logical conclusion, these ominous trends show that many of us are soon to be killed,
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3 Alternative Health Doctors Found Dead In the Last 2 Weeks After Run-Ins With The Feds

Source: The Free Thought Project By John Vibes on July 2, 2015 In the past several weeks, a number of controversial natural health doctors have died under mysterious circumstances. Some of
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3rd “Alternative” Prominent Doctor From Florida Found Dead in 2 weeks. Authorities say MD was murdered.

“Both Dr Hedendal and Dr. Bradstreet had dealt with run ins with the feds in the past.  In fact, Dr. Bradstreet’s office was just raided by the FDA days before
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Why Anti-Authoritarians are Diagnosed as Mentally Ill

Source: Mad in America By BRUCE LEVINE, PH.D.  February 26, 2012  (Note: Read Bruce Levine’s latest post: Anti-Authoritarians and Schizophrenia: Do Rebels Who Defy Treatment Do Better?) In my career as
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BREAKING: Here’s Jonathan Gruber’s Health Care Comic Book for Stupid Americans

Source: Clash Daily Posted on November 14, 2014 By Tim Young Clash Daily Guest Contributor By now we all know who Jonathan Gruber is… and if you don’t, turn on
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