SpaceX’s ‘Starman’ misses Mars orbit, heads to asteroid belt

  ‘Silly and fun things are important,’ chief executive Elon Musk says of launching his roadster into space By Nicole Mortillaro Source: CBC News   It was a launch to remember:
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Build Fast, Fix Later: Tesla Employees Say 90% Of Model S/X Cars Fail Quality Checks After Assembly

  Source: Zero Hedge Last month we highlighted a report from Automotive News which suggested that Tesla’s Model 3 production misses might have been the result of a rather basic and embarrassing
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Elon Musk Plans To Install Computers Directly Into Human Brains

  via: | By JASPER HAMILL  Musk fears that AI will turn him into a house cat, so he says we must merge it into our brain via ‘neural lace’ or other
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