British Ministry of Truth Said in 1944 That the Holocaust Must be Created to Distract from USSR Massacres

Source: Abundant Hope | By Greg Bacon “There exists no document signed by Hitler, Himmler, or Heydrich speaking of exterminating Jews… and, the word ‘extermination’ does not appear in the letter from
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The Most Famous Concentration Camp PHOTO is a FAKE

Here is the original, as it appeared in The New York Times Magazine (with text added by

LIFE Matters Supremely…..or what else possibly can?

“How anyone breathing life can ‘justify’ denying those same life energies to another aspiring human being is way, way beyond me!” By: Carol Asher The growing number of Americans who
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German Television Exposes Holocaust Lies: Historic Broadcast Shocks Germany

“Ms Haverbeck was ethnically cleansed from her home at the end of the war along with millions of other Germans and has been victimised ever since by the Jews who
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Next head of ‘Civil Administration’ said Palestinians are sub-human

After the Oslo Accords, the Israeli army renamed the Military Government of the West Bank the Civil Administration. MK Eli Ben-Dahan was just appointed to oversee the Administration, which oversees
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The footage that you were never meant to see.

Adolf Hitler Saves Innocent Civilians From The Real Holocaust   Source: Freedom 4um Hitler saved Jews of Ukraine. 90 second video. America would be better off today if we had
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This Is America’s Fate If We Don’t Do SOMETHING!

Source: Govern America by Miss America                            The “Russian” Revolution which began in 1917 was actually the “Bolshevik Jewish
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Will You Survive Being Sent To A FEMA Camp?

By Dave Hodges Republic Broadcasting Network Our banker hijacked government has eviscerated the Constitution through tyrannical legislative acts such as: The Military Commissions Act, The Patriot Acts I and II,
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Israel’s Efforts to Limit Use of Holocaust Terms Raise Free-Speech Questions

Source: NYTimes JERUSALEM — Israel is on the brink of banning the N-word. N as in Nazi, that is. Parliament gave preliminary approval on Wednesday to a bill that would
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Exclusive: CNN Fabricates Iranian President’s Remarks about Holocaust

Source: Fars News TEHRAN (FNA)- American news channel CNN fabricated the remarks made by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in response to the network’s question about the Holocaust. The CNN aired
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