Dem socialist candidate Julia Salazar’s mother and brother expose more inconsistencies in her bio

  Source: Fox News | By Adam Shaw A Democratic Socialist candidate for New York Senate faces questions after it emerged she falsified her biography, including claims about her being an immigrant and
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Report: The Climate Industry Is Using Philanthropic Donations to Weaponize State Prosecutors Against Climate Skeptics

  Source: Need To Know | Daily Caller   Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow, Chris Horner, presented a study that exposes an elaborate campaign by the billion-dollar-per-year climate industry that weaponizes state
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Here are all the Democratic scandals that liberals refuse to investigate!

  via: Freedom4um   Comment via Freedom4um: #1. To: Horse (#0) Here are all the Democratic scandals that liberals refuse to investigate! There are no Dim scandals. I know this because if there
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Jacksonville Shooter Killed Himself After Murdering 3 People at Video Game Tournament Was an Anti-Trump Leftist

  Source: NEED TO KNOW Jacksonville, Florida: A gamer, David Katz, 24, is accused of murdering three people and wounding 11 more before killing himself after he lost a Madden
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BREAKING: A ‘Dreamer’ Has Been Charged In Death Of Mollie Tibbetts

  Source: Clash Daily This will come as bad news for the ‘Abolish ICE’ clowns. There had been a lot of attention to the disappearance of Mollie Tibbetts. Little did
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Houstonian Tries To Blow Up Confederate Statue – Now He’s Headed For This Place Called ‘Prison’

  Source: Clash Daily What else should we expect from people whose heroes hung out with the Weather Underground? On the upside, he’ll have a long stint in prison to
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Franklin Graham Rips Chelsea Clinton for Saying Abortions Added Trillions to Economy

  Source: Conservative Tribune   If there was ever any doubt about where the heart of the compassionate left lies, this should clear that up for good. When it comes
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GoFundMe Page Raises $250,000 for Peter Strzok After Firing From FBI

  Source: Fox News Insider Strzok tweets message of appreciation to supporters.     As seen on Fox & Friends First A GoFundMe page has been set up by a group supporting
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Psychologists warn ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’ is soaring

  Source: One News Now   Mental health therapists have reported an acute rise in Americans suffering from “Trump Anxiety Disorder” – primarily diagnosed in those who fear that President
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California University Encourages 4-Year-Olds To Engage In Sex Play

  By FreedomProject  VIDEO:

America’s Richest Billionaires Are Overwhelmingly Leftists, Democrats And Open Borders Globalists

  Source: Information Liberation                             While Democrats and the media love to portray the ultra wealthy as
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Gallup Shows How Much Americans Really Care About The “Situation With Russia”

  Source: Zero Hedge | by Tyler Durden  While ever-hope-filled expectations among the left are for a ‘blue wave’ in the Mid-term elections, we suspect things may not turn out quite as
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San Francisco Zombie-like Homeless Mobs Leave Pandering Elitist Libs Baffled & Tourists Terrified

  via: Freedom4um     By Conservative Resurgence I Left My Filth In San Francisco NBC investigators rated the city “one of the filthiest slums on earth.” After surveying 153 blocks
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James Woods’ Agent Dumps Him on July 4 in Email Only a Liberal Would Write

  Source: Conservative Tribune | BY JOE SAUNDERS James Woods’ Agent Dumps Him on July 4 in Email Only a Liberal Would Write Leave it to a liberal to call this “patriotic.” Conservative
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Do White Americans Have White Privilege?

Sarah Sanders Booted From ‘Red Hen’ – What To Do About This Discrimination?

  Source: Lew Rockwell  

Supreme Court Makes Landmark Decision Regarding Ohio Voter Fraud

  Source: The Western Journal | By Scott Kelnhofer VIDEO: In a ruling that could have implications for the November midterm elections, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that Ohio’s method for removing names
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  via: BLN     SOURCE: FOX NEWS A New Jersey high school came under fire Friday after it allegedly suspended two students over a gun photo taken during a family
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Facing Budget Cuts, The Infectious Disease Industry Prepares For A Communicable Disease That Doesn’t Exist Yet

  Source: Lew Rockwell | By Bill Sardi Lo and behold, just after an infectious disease expert said in news reports that the world needs to prepare for the next deadly flu pandemic that
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$15 FAIL: California Burger Chain’s Now Using a Robotic Burger Flipper

  Source: MRCtv I’d hate to say “I told ya so,” but…you know the rest. If a salaried employee walked into their boss’ office and demanded that their pay be
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