German and EU taxpayers will pay nearly $46,000,000,000 to deal with problems caused by Muslim migrants

  Source: Jihad Watch | CHRISTINE WILLIAMS  ANGELA Merkel’s failed migrant policy will cost Germany and the EU a record £37bn by the end of 2017, it has been revealed. It is
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Nurse lured to park by ‘fake cries for help’ then sexually abused by five ‘African’ men

POLICE are today hunting five men of “African appearance” who lured a nurse into a park with fake cries for help then beat her unconscious and sexually abused her. Source:
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Deutsche Bank Brings Down Merkel, Germany and the Euro

The Telegraph ran an article yesterday asking if Deutsche was the next Lehman. Is there an echo in the room? Without a doubt, things are coming to a head at
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Limit migration numbers or we’ll dump you, Merkel: German Chancellor is ORDERED to scrap her open doors policy by leader of CSU party that backs her

  Source: Daily Mail | By ALLAN HALL IN BERLIN FOR MAILONLINE  Leader of CSU in Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, calls on Merkel to make U-turn Demands limit on migrant numbers in
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‘Borders are the worst invention ever!’ EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker widens rift with European leaders as he calls for open borders

Source: Daily Mail | By MATT DATHAN, POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT FOR MAILONLINE Juncker risks widening splits with EU leaders with contentious remarks Says borders should be scrapped despite migrant rush and terror attacks
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Angela Merkel in Neubrandenburg 30 01 2016

Published on Jan 30, 2016   The boos are flying for Merkel — “Begeisterung” in Neubrandenburg.

Now even Merkel admits European refugee crisis is ‘out of control’: Thousands take to the streets of Germany shouting ‘take your Muslims with you’ after mob sex attacks

Daily Mail | KEILIGH BAKER FOR MAILONLINE | PUBLISHED: 19:53 EST, 11 January 2016 | UPDATED: 06:21 EST, 12 January 2016    German Chancellor admitted Europe is ‘vulnerable’ and said countries do not have
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The little communist who grew up to be the world’s most powerful woman (with the future of capitalism in her hands)

Daily Mail | By IAN BIRRELL FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY | UPDATED: 03:54 EST, 25 November 2011  Unlike so many modern politicians, Angela Merkel does not believe in placing her private
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