TNR docsplains Planned Parenthood organ harvesting: Fetus parts are nothing but “products”

“If they were ever honest about the humanity they’re crushing, crunching, grinding, and dissecting, they’d be monsters. They’d be psychopaths. But they’re not psychopaths. They’re stable, normal human beings. To
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Nancy Pelosi: Planned Parenthood Body Part Trafficking Is a “Controversy That Doesn’t Exist”

For those who thought that the murderers and their supporters would take this lying down—you are either naive or crazy.  There is one thing that leftists have always been known
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The Elite Are Abducting and Murdering U.S. Children for Their Organs

By Dave Hodges Republic Broadcasting Network This is a story that is not about race, ethnicity or religion. Some people will make it a demographic issue in order to obfuscate
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