Secret Agenda: Are They Planning To Use ‘Russian Interference’ As An Excuse To Invalidate Trump’s Election Victory?

  Source: Freedom Outpost | By MICHAEL SNYDER  It has been said that nothing happens by accident in politics, and it is certainly no accident that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, members of
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Maybe it’s time to protest the protesters!


  Source: WHTT | Posted by Tom Compton  Democrats are gnashing their teeth over Trump beating Clinton for the US presidency. But will the victor, Donald Trump make a difference. In this
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Brace Yourself for Four Years of Nonstop Freakoutrage

  Source: Townhall | By Kurt Schlichter The left is trying to come to grips with its utter rejection, and its response to Donald Trump will be to fall back on an
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Sub for more: | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Hahahahahaha! Wow, Hillary Clinton is a pretty big embarrassment on her own, but this is LOW even for her.
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Julian Assange Releases Statement on U.S. Election

  Source: Eagle Rising | By Philip Hodges  Depending on what political party you identify with, you’ll either love WikiLeaks or abhor them. And people’s opinions of the organization changes depending on which political
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“It all means nothing if our election process is compromised”

  By Gordon Martines, Host of American Honor w/ Gordon Martines on RBN and Open Mic on There appears to be ample evidence to support the fact that our current election process
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Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian Lover Huma

Huma Abedin Terrorist Connections-…

Breaking: Sen Harry Reid sends letter to FBI Director Comey accusing him of violating law, wants him arrested

Source: Red State Watcher Sen. Harry Reid sends letter to FBI Director Comey accusing him of violating the Hatch act.

Comey Accused of Interfering in US Presidential Election

  by Stephen Lendman  Had Comey recommended Hillary be held criminally responsible for mishandling classified State Department documents last July, along with perjury for lying to the FBI and Congress,
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Project Veritas 4: Robert Creamer’s Illegal $20,000 Foreign Wire Transfer Caught On Tape

Source: Zero Hedge Project Veritas has just released Part IV of it’s multi-part series exposing numerous scandals surrounding the DNC and the Clinton campaign, including efforts to incite violence at
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Jon Voight’s Plea to Save America

“Thousands of refugees will flood our nation. And no one will know the good guys from the bad guys.” via: Truth Revolt With only two weeks left until this critical
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Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist: Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Frame Assad, Start Syrian War

  via: D. C. Clothesline | By Matt Agorist for The Free Thought Project  In April of 2013, Britain and France informed the United Nations that there was credible evidence that Syria used
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At Hillary Clinton’s Rally in Cleveland, Something STRANGE Was Spotted – BREAKING NEWS

  Source: The Political Insider | By Kosar At a recent rally in Cleveland, Ohio, we learned exactly what most people already know: No one really is enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton. People
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Here’s what voter fraud looks like in 23 states

Trump: ‘Why do Republican leaders deny what is going on? So naive!’ Source: Daily Caller | By Justin Caruso Republican candidate Donald Trump is making accusations that the election is “rigged” against
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Donald Trump lays out historic plan for first 100 days in office: End corruption, stop the crooks in Washington and unleash economic abundance for America

Natural News (NaturalNews) Donald J. Trump just delivered an historic speech that lays out his plan for the first 100 days in office. Highlights are listed here. Actual quotes from
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Politics Continues to Trump State and Federal Law

by Gordon Martines, Host of  American Honor w/ Gordon Martines on RBN and Open Mic on The only way that Politics can override, control, and dictate how law is applied, is if
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Questions For Hillary Voters

By Je Suis Spike Exclusive to RBN When Bill Clinton ran for President, he touted Hillary as an implicit co-President, even suggesting that his 1992 election would be a “Twofer,”
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Gordon Martines – ‘My letter to the DOJ 10-12-16’

By Gordon Martines, host of American Honor w/ Gordon Martines on RBN To all my friends, Just thought I would share my letter to the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, regarding the Immediate Removal
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Proof New York Time Accuser Made Her Story Up About Trump’s “Groping” – CONFIRMED!

Source: The Political Insider | By Kosar Yesterday, the New York Times’ video attacking Trump looked fake simply because the “victim” borrowed her claims against Trump directly from a famous song. Now,
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