Blowback: The Consequences of US Neocon Serial Wars Against Islam

WHTT | Tom Compton | January 18, 2016  In this informative, 20 minute program Chuck Carlson, Tom Compton and Glen Lesnick of We Hold These Truths discuss Dr. Ron Paul’s recent, must view
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Islam Is Not the Problem, The US Empire Is

WHTT | News Post | January 8, 2016  Dr Ron Paul’s 16 minute address,”Are We In A Clash of Civilizations?” is a must view. Dr. Paul’s comments include: “If what is said by
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Updated: Ron Paul Endorses Son Rand as “Best Hope” to Lead Country

“Rand is the ONLY one in the race who is standing up for your Liberty, across the board.” – Ron Paul Source: Reason Blog Nick Gillespie | Aug. 14, 2015 2:00 pm
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Ron Paul slams militarization of US police

“Police Chief Greg Conley said the actions of Casebolt are “indefensible,” adding that the officer was “out of control during the incident.” Jane Bishkin, the resigned police officer’s attorney, said
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New Military Spending Bill Expands Empire But Forbids Debate on War

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation EDITOR’S CHOICE | 18.05.2015 | 11:27 On Friday the House passed a massive National Defense Authorization for 2016 that will guarantee US involvement in more wars
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USA FREEDOM Act: Just Another Name for Lost Liberty

Source: by Ron Paul, May 04, 2015 Apologists for the National Security Agency (NSA) point to the arrest of David Coleman Headley as an example of how warrantless mass
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12-Term Congressman Ron Paul’s Warning to Americans about the Coming Currency Crisis 

Source: Stansberry Research via YouTube Exclusive Interview with Ron Paul

Ron Paul Discusses Political Murders in Kiev, Arrival of US Troops

Source: Russia Insider (Ron Paul Institute) Mon, Apr 20  Here is one guy who is following real news on Ukraine   This week there were two more murders of prominent Ukrainian
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Developing Story: Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step to Prepare for America’s Next Big Crisis

Source: The Crux  BY Michael Palmer, Stansberry Research 04.08.2015 Exclusive: Dr. Ron Paul issues alarming presentation on how U.S. Dollar will crash—and how to protect yourself.   WASHINGTON, D.C. –
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Fed Governor Jerome Powell: “Jarring!”

Source: John’s E-Mail Dear John,I want to tell you a little bit about an event Campaign for Liberty staff attended last week. In a last minute change from a scheduled
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VIDEO: ‘Oh Canada! Our Bought and Sold Out Land’ — The history of banking, and the selling out of prosperity.

Source: YouTube Uploaded on Oct 31, 2011 This 2009 entertaining documentary film explores the history of banking, the selling out of the prosperity of Canada, the clearance sale of Canadian
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Ron Paul’s Dire Predictions for 2015: “The violence in our cities is only in its early stages… Police brutality and militarization may well induce a violent event far beyond what we have seen in Ferguson.”

Source: Liberty Fight Libertarian Icon Predicts Further Escalation of Friction, Confrontations With ‘Out Of Control Police’ By Martin Hill January 9, 2015   Congressman Ron Paul has written an
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Ron Paul: All I Want for Christmas is a Government Shutdown

Source: YouTube Published on Dec 14, 2014 All I Want for Christmas is a (Real) Government Shutdown by Ron Paul The political class breathed a sigh of relief Saturday when
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US provoking war with Russia that could result in total destruction: Ron Paul

Source: Press TV Ron Paul, former US congressman and two-time Republican presidential candidate Sat Dec 6, 2014 10:24AM GMT Former American lawmaker Ron Paul says the United States is provoking
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All Eyes on the Swiss Gold Referendum

Source: Daily Reckoning by Ron Paul. Posted Oct 8, 2014. On November 30th, voters in Switzerland will head to the polls to vote in a referendum on gold. On the
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Nixon’s Vindication

End Torture, Shut Down the CIA!

Ron Paul Blames U.S. in Ukraine

Source: The Daily Beast Ron Paul disagrees with his potential presidential candidate son, Rand Paul, on many issues but says it’s “too early to tell” whether his views will hurt
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Ron Paul Discusses Vote to Curtail NSA, Pot Brownies and Drone Strikes

Ron Paul shares his outrage over the justification of using drones to kill Americans, congratulates Thomas Massie for helping pass an amendment against NSA surveillance, and discusses a Texas teen
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What the Media Won’t Report About Malaysian Air MH17

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