Police [CSOs] Enter Unlocked Vehicles to Remind You to Lock Up Under New “Gotcha!” Program

  The Rundown Live | Kristan T. Harris | October 1, 2015   How would you feel knowing local police are entering your car when it is unlocked?   Dixon police are
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DEA Strikes Again: Seize Man’s Life Savings Under Civil Asset Forfeiture Without Charges

Source: Zero Hedge Tyler Durden on 05/18/2015 18:35 -0400 Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, All the money – $16,000 in cash – that Joseph Rivers said he
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Chicken Thieves: Police Confiscate Poultry & Destroy Them; No Charges Filed

Source: Political Outcast For some reason the New Bern police decided that a guy with a lot of chicken and roosters must be engaged in illegal cockfighting. That is how
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