America’s Fake News Complex Is Keeping Its People in a Totalitarian Nightmare

  Source: Russia Insider It’s a different kind of totalitarianism — a much more effective one — accomplished by dumbing-down of the public rather than force By Finian Cunningham American citizens
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This Guy BLISTERS TV Audience With Massive Truth Bombs!

  It doesn’t matter where truth comes from or who says it. Truth is truth and it will ALWAYS destroy lies! YT is demonetizing my videos and screwing with my
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“The Super-Secret Handshake of the Black Community”

  via: Townhall | By Allen West Something is happening in this presidential election cycle that has some folks totally up in arms. A white GOP presidential candidate is addressing the issues
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Truth Is A Crime Against The State

“In other words, the way Washington has the news world rigged, not even independent news sites can speak completely clearly. The Western presstitutes have succeeded in creating a false reality
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American Soldiers Are WAKING UP!! SUPPORT OF TAKING AMERICA BACK!!! (StopTheRobbery2)

Source: YouTube Listen to and SUPPORT those American Veterans that are now AWAKE and MAD AS HELL!! Original maker of this video is……

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