Vatican speaker and California Governor in push for massive depopulation… talk of ‘Planetary Court’ and removal of 6 billion people under new ‘Earth Constitution’ and ‘World Government’

“Schellnhunber, in other words, believes a new world government can create “freedom” for humanity by dictating to it with a new Planetary Court guided by an Earth Constitution which will
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Israel Wants To Give Mount Zion And The Tomb Of David To The Vatican?

By Michael Snyder Republic Broadcasting Network What would make Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu want to hand over Mount Zion and the Tomb of David to the Vatican?  One member
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Vatican Astronomers Ramp Up Their Search For “Brother Extraterrestrial”

By Michael Snyder Republic Broadcasting Network Why in the world is the Vatican searching for extraterrestrial life?  Does the Catholic hierarchy know something about alien life that the rest of
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