The Sane Asylum w/ Giuseppe and Scorpio


Consider Giuseppe Vafanculo, The co-host of The Sane Asylum Sunday Nights 10-11pm Eastern on RBN, a 21st century renaissance man. He has spent his entire life as a spiritual seeker and a relentless researcher with insatiable curiosity. He has lived an extraordinarily ordinary life.

Giuseppe is a life-long skeptic with an heretical, iconoclastic distrust of those in power. The three sides of Giuseppe’s biographical perfect triangle are professional journalist, doctor of Oriental medicine, and songwriter/recording artist.

Giuseppe grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin resisting the indoctrination of Catholic school for his first 9 grades. His quest for knowledge led first to a degree in journalism and mass communications in the early ‘80s. As a professional journalist, Giuseppe wrote 500+ byline articles in the Milwaukee Sentinel & national specialty magazines and publications.

As a mid-life career change shortly after the turn of the century, Giuseppe graduated Summa Cum Laude from a top-5 Oriental Medicine College with dual degrees Master of Science in Oriental Medicine. He is nationally board certified as an Acupuncturist and licensed in both Virginia and Wisconsin.

Giuseppe merged his two major career experiences in 2020. He hosts The Perfect Triangle and co-hosts The Sane Asylum and Operation Scorpio: exploring the known and the unknown on Speak Free Radio (

Giuseppe has a 35-year career as a singer, songwriter, musician, engineer, & producer of his own original songs. Giuseppe’s songs have been played on radio stations around the world. In 2019, two songs (Dragonfly & Kintsukuroi) by his musical alter ego Lumen Jingos made it into the top 40 of the European Independent Music Chart compilation. In 2020 his single Tragic Innocence made it into the top 30 of the Euro Indie chart. In 2021, the song Lucerna in Pluvia (Candle in the Rain) made it into the top 10. Giuseppe’s live shows have received positive reviews throughout the United States. (


Dave Scorpio’s journey on the truth road began at an early age, when his grandfather bought him a shortwave radio back in 1991. At this time, shortwave radio was like the wild west with all kinds of historic revisionism and an alternative views of politics and power. This led him to Tom Valentine’s broadcast, Bill Cooper and the Spotlight Newspaper. From there there has been a countless array of books and research to try and understand how this world really works and who is pulling the levers of power from behind the scenes. Dave Scorpio has been a teacher and a visual artist for over 30 years, producing realistic visionary paintings based on beauty and other higher realities coming into this world.

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