Vincent was always interested in science.

In elementary school in the 1960s he won the school science fairs with projects like, “Talk on a Light Beam”, “An Analog Computer”, “Vacuum-tube Lie Detector”, and a “Vacuum-tube Alarm” that sensed the presence of a person.

Educated by the Jesuits, he pursued arts and sciences.

During high school he built racing engines and raced cars.

Majoring in Finance and Economics, he earned a BS and an MBA.

He started numerous corporations including the manufacture of satellite communications receivers and computers.

As a consultant, Vincent designed and implemented many computer “firsts” in the credit card banking sector – including audio response technology. “Press one for this”, etc.

He has been a real estate investor, high school teacher, college instructor, and entrepreneur. He has been a CFO, a CTO, and a CEO.

Currently he is a cattle farmer.

And doesn't like the direction his Country is headed.

He decided to build the Get Prepared EXPO to teach people how to become prepared.

In the process of building the GetPreparedEXPO, he became a radio broadcaster.

Broadcasting to six states, Vincent hosts the popular drive-time broadcast on KWTO AM560 in Springfield, MO and KHFX AM1140 in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.