The Trump Effect

April 2, 2016 in Columnists by D

Richard McCullochMarch 31, 2016

What do the detestable George Will and Rich Lowry have in common with the execrable Tim Wise and Bill Ayers? Answer: fanatical opposition to Donald Trump, to the point of regarding Trump supporters as enemies. Why not? They all share something in common at the core of their beings: they are all anti-White.

Will held forth on the March 20 edition of Fox News Sunday:

The problem is this, not only are his [Trump’s] negatives — 61 percent, almost doubled his positives, 32 percent, but he’s appealing entirely to white people. Now, in 1988, George Herbert Walker Bush got 59 percent of the white vote which was high and that translated in 426 electorate votes. Mitt Romney in 2012 got 59 percent of the white vote, that translated into 206 electoral votes. Romney got 17 percent, that is all, of the non-white vote. Trump, by every measure, would do worse than that which means he would have to get not just the 65 percent of the white vote to win that Ronald Reagan got sweeping 49 states, he would have to get 70 percent of the white vote. A, it won’t happen and B, it would destroy the Republican Party by making it the party of white people.


When host Chris Wallace noted that Trump was expanding the GOP by bringing in more independents and democrats and asked whether these new supporters could be accepted into a “big tent” Republican Party Will responded:

It cannot expand that far and remain a conservative party which means it would be — if he’s the nominee, there would be no conservative running in the race and the Vichy Republicans who are coming to terms with — as collaborators with the takeover of their party ought to understand that.

Will also called for a Will, Lowry & Co.-approved conservative candidate to run on a third party ticket. It’s too bad frequent panelist Laura Ingraham wasn’t there. No one does a better George Will smackdown than she does, and he really deserved the full Ingraham treatment this time.

So now for Will and his ilk, conservatives who support Trump are “Vichy Republicans” and “collaborators,” i.e., traitors and enemies. Purges to follow. Seems like Trump is really shaking the tree. I wonder who else will fall out.

Imagine the Republican Party getting 70 percent of the White vote and becoming the party of White people. For Will this would destroy the Republican Party. Maybe for him, but not for us. He might be homeless, but he should be able to find new digs, perhaps a cave, or a doghouse, or even some rock to crawl under. But Will’s nightmare is our dream come true, much better even than the creation of a new third party for White people. Let the anti-white Republicans form their own third party instead of us.

The detestable George Will’s condemnation of Trump supporters as his enemies is very similar to the execrable Tim Wise’s March 1 rant on Facebook:

White people: this is the moment of truth. Will we choose multiracial democracy or white nationalism? Know this: if you support Donald Trump or would even consider voting for him for president, you have chosen the latter. You are my enemy. I will not seek to co-exist with you. I will not make nice. I will not pretend we believe in the same things but merely have different opinions about how to get there. You are the enemy, plain and simple. And you must be stopped. You must lose and not just by a little. By a lot. A crushing defeat that leaves no doubt in your mind that the country you prefer is gone and is never coming back. … De-friend me now. You do not believe in decency or justice or democracy. And you are beyond reason.

Wise’s vitriolic rant after the 2010 midterm elections was spiteful triumphalist gloating after what he claimed was a minor and temporary setback. His tone in this rant has changed. Now he is grim rather than triumphalist, and more threatening than gloating. He is going to war against anyone who supports Trump. What will this mean if Trump actually becomes president? Will this extremely biased anti-white activist still be a paid consultant on “hate groups” for police departments across the country, when he will have essentially defined the majority of voters, and the great majority of white voters, as haters by his standard?

And now we have the return of Bill Ayers, like it’s 1970 all over again, back to his old Racial Marxist Weatherman antics, involved with a coalition of students and non-Whites to repress rebellion among the White masses, shutting down the Trump rally at the U of Illinois-Chicago where he teaches —are you ready for this? — education. It’s fitting that he’s sharing the same bed with Will, Lowry and Wise. Politics makes strange bedfellows, especially anti-White politics.

Ayers has more of a personal stake in this than the others. It was in his living room that Obama launched his political career. When Obama ran for president he was heralded as a transformative figure, both symbolizing and causing the transformation of America and the West away from Whiteness and toward a Brown future. So the anti-White elites in Europe hailed the dawning of the new non-White age and gave him the Nobel Peace Prize before he even had time to foul the Oval Office.

But then along comes Trump spoiling everything, the anti-Obama who represents the repudiation of Obama and everything he and his 2008 victory represented. A Trump victory would be a White victory, demonstrating to the world that we’re still here and haven’t been beaten yet. No wonder Ayers and Wise and the race traitors of Europe are in high dudgeon, while Will is apoplectic at the thought that the GOP might gain 70 percent of the White vote. That would really ruin his day.

Eleanor Clift says “Trump is just doing explicitly what that — what the party has practiced implicitly, and now, it’s all coming apart.” Sounds like she’s been reading Kevin MacDonald on implicit Whiteness.

Trump’s first surge in the polls and the findings of a study by political scientists from UC-Berkeley and Stanford, Douglas Ahler and David Broockman, on attitudes toward immigration, which both occurred at almost the same time, greatly revised my measure of the state of the White race (also discussed here). With some adjustments for the racial composition of their sample, the Ahler and Broockman study suggests that around 55% of Whites supported the options of stopping illegal immigration, deporting illegal immigrants and greatly reducing or halting legal immigration. This compares to the 17% pf Whites who supported (open borders, amnesty, and unlimited immigration).

Trump is not engaging in any persuasion or argument to change people’s minds. He is not that type of leadership figure. It’s not about Trump. It’s about his positions. He is simply representing the positions White voters already have, or have wanted to have. He is thus a figure they can rally around and support as someone finally speaking for them, saying the things and taking the positions that no one else has dared to say or take. He’s bringing up issues no contender has brought up before, issues that most voters never expected to be brought up, thereby giving them a choice they never had before, that they had lost all hope for, with results that shocked and rocked the political world.

The establishment spins it all as anger, the emotional stage right before hate, which removes it from serious consideration, because they can’t admit the truth. A segment of the GOP party base that is too large to ignore, without which they can’t win and will cease to be competitive with the democrats, has woken up and will never be satisfied with the same old, same old politics as usual again. The traitors are lost in the woods. Their yellow brick road has disappeared. Their long-time status quo is falling apart and they’ll never be able to put it back together again. What good is a controlled opposition party that is unable to control the opposition, i.e., the White masses. Noel Ignatievnever taught the race traitors how to deal with this. Where’s Earl Raab when they need him? Didn’t he say 23 years ago that they had already won, that the White peril was a thing of the past?

Earl Raab (1919-2015) speaking at the 1972 AFT Los Angeles Civil Rights Conference

While Germany is teaching Middle-Eastern males the right way to have sex with German women, Trump is attacking the race traitors in Europe much more explicitly than he is here, becoming not just the anti-Obama, but the anti-Merkel as well.Barbara Lerner Spectre might find herself in a neo-“monolithic” Europe.

We’ve already seen a number of wannabe anti-White leaders fall under Trump’s chariot wheels. Without Trump it wouldn’t have happened. But they made themselvesvulnerable to someone like Trump, who wasn’t supposed to happen, and so have no one to blame but themselves. I join with the father of the murdered son who soeloquently expresses why pro-amnesty Kasich and Rubio should be tried for treason.

Now, if we could only see Spectre’s, Ayers’, Will’s and Wise’s total discomfiture and undoing, these would be glorious days indeed!