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August 7, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

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By |August 7th, 2020

JB Williams

President Trump just mistakenly backed “mail-in” elections for Florida. Apparently, he has totally forgotten about watching democrats knock hanging chads to the floor in the endless 2000 recounts, as democrat party poll workers tried to turn the state and country over to Al Gore.

Trump may have also overlooked the fact that he cannot back mail-in elections in one state, while opposing them in the other 49 states. Not sure who’s advising Trump these days, but whoever it is, they are leading him towards the cliff.

Today, the republican Governor of Arizona is in the Oval Office pitching Trump his mail-in election plan. Unless republicans plan on cheating five-times as much as democrats in their mail-in scheme, they can’t win that game.

Trump looks rattled to me at this point. He must be aware of the reality that Obama at the helm of the DNC, has rigged the 2020 election already. He must be having trouble figuring out what he can do to unrig the election — before the clock runs out on the USA November 3rd.

In any legitimate election process, dementia Joe couldn’t win a local race for city dog catcher. That’s why the 2020 elections will be anything but legitimate. But when you have rigged an illegitimate election process well in advance of the election, you could run Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd on your ticket and win.

TV talking heads seem transfixed on who dementia Joe will pick for VP, in other words, who Obama is going to pick for President. It isn’t about who can help win the election, that’s a done deal already, as long as we are going to have a mail-in election.

No, it’s about who Obama can mentor as they usher in the final stages of global Marxism, after the election. It’s all about Obama choosing a running mate for dementia Joe, that will work with Obama to finish off our Constitutional Republic and create a new 3rd world member of the global commune.

If this was about who can help Joe win, only three females in the USA today, have that level of influence with American voters and donors. Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, both of whom are too smart to run. That leaves the lady who had 3-million more votes than Trump in 2016, Hillary Clinton.

For three and a half years following her Electoral College loss in 2016, Hillary looked like a homeless bag-lady living out of her shopping cart under a bridge in L.A. – But she’s recently had a complete make-over again and has been back on the talk show circuit. It’s not for nothing…

We will soon see, but my money has been on Hillary Clinton 2020 since 2016. Of course, they had to ruin the Trump economy before Hillary would become even remotely viable in 2020. Along comes COVID19, which the CDC tests and treats the same as SARScv2, except they won’t allow people access to the known cure for SARScv2, Chloroquine.

That’s how you turn a virus allegedly infecting only 1% of the country, with a 98% survival rate, into a “national emergency” that, guess what, will require us to vote by mail for our own health and safety…

And there you have it – Regime Change 101 under a “national emergency” and unconstitutional “emergency powers.” All they had to do is shame most Americans into going along to get along.

Enter, the 24/7 fake news media fearmongering that has flooded every American mind since January, which continues today, despite a steady fall in COVID19 deaths since mid-April.

Money isn’t the greatest motivator on earth, fear is… most people will do things out of fear, that they would never do for love nor money, and they have.

Simon says, wear a mask, so we wear a mask. Simon says, stop earning, leave your jobs, close your business, accept involuntary house arrest, quarantine the healthy, don’t visit friends or relatives, even those in elder care dependent upon your visits, and most Americans just do it! No questions asked…

It all started in late January before there was a single known U.S. COVID case and now it’s August, seven months later. Three short months before the most critical election in 244-years of U.S. history and most Americans seem perfectly fine with waiting for another stimulus check and mailing in a ballot, with no means of proving it’s delivered or counted.

That’s how easy it was to totally control the average American, no matter their proclaimed political stance or constitutional concerns. America isn’t the land of the free or home of the brave anymore. We are now the land of ‘go along to get along’ and do whatever Simon says, no questions asked!

It isn’t that there isn’t anything we could do about it… it’s that we no longer have anyone to do it.

Trump isn’t perfect, no one is… but he’s the last standing “America first” warrior — and unless his supporters make a stand with him real fast, his “Make America Great” agenda will be history. He will be written into history as someone who tried to return the USA to greatness, and failed. He was too little, too late.

To be clear, we’re not talking about absentee or paper balloting… Old subjects with their own set of problems.

This is about a first time ever universal mail-in election, where millions of votes will pour in through the U.S. mail with no tracking, no way to verify the voter’s eligibility, no way to know who voted, who they voted for or if every legitimate vote was cast and counted properly. In other words, no way to challenge the outcome of this election.

This is no way to handle any legitimate election process and it certainly is no way for Trump to get a fair shake in his reelection bid.

I only know of one way to prevent this disaster and that is to enforce all standard election rules and regulations in an open poll legitimate election, with every voter and every vote verified. I only know of one way to do that – and that’s to force the entire country to reopen without any COVID restrictions, in order to stop all mail-in balloting and provide open polling in-person voting opportunity for every legal American voter.

For Trump to do this, he would have to attempt it via Executive Order, which democrats would certainly tie up in court challenges, accusing Trump of “disenfranchising” all of their (illegal) voters, making headlines in the fake news across the country as a “tyrannical” move by Trump.

However, the American people can force the country open any time they want. They simply have to open their businesses, return to work, reject anymore federal handouts to sit at home and do it together.

All powers of government are derived from the People. The people are, therefore, the final arbiter of all power in this country. Unfortunately, what we have at this moment is consent, through compliance, motivated by fear.

Alone, a person is up against all the same evil Trump has faced every day since he declared he was running in 2015. But, when the people act together, there is literally nothing government can do to stop a free people.

Do we still have this kind of Americans? If we do, we’re running out of time to do what only they can do. We have to organize and mobilize very quickly, with only one common goal, to reopen America and put all governmental bodies back into constitutional check.

We can do it… but will we?

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