48 Hours BEFORE Paris Attacks, Twitter Account Posts Death and Injury Toll from “Paris Terror Attack”

November 17, 2015 in News by RBN

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Twitter is aflame today as word spreads a Tweet publicly announced the death and injury toll for the “Paris Terror Attacks” two days BEFORE they took place!

Tweets cannot be edited.  Once they are posted with the posting date and time stamp, no one can change what the Tweet says.  The Tweet can be deleted, but when a new one is posted, the new one bears the current date and time, so this tweet is real.

The image above shows the Tweet from an account named PZFeed Ebooks and is archived online:


Adding fuel to this controversy is that Twitter Suspended the account after the public starting asking questions!



Folks want to know HOW could this account publish the death and injury numbers from a “Paris Terror Attack” two days BEFORE the attack took place?


Were the “attacks” in Paris a “false flag” designed to provide an excuse to go to war?  It has happened before!  Perhaps this should be looked-into before we commit to sending troops to fight “ISIS.”