I Will Not Be Taking the Current Vaccines

January 9, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

I Will Not Be Taking the Current Vaccines

After being in the “hesitant” category for several months I am now in the “no” category. As a retired medical doctor I have plenty of time, and a genuine fascination, to thoroughly research this topic. I have been diligently reviewing every scientific journal I can find, reading every online news article I come across, and going through countless case reports on the CDC VAERS website. I now have a clearer understanding of how these vaccines influence our immune system and organs and how they cause the multiple short, medium, and long term adverse effects.

I am convinced that the benefits promoted by experts on TV regarding these vaccines are much less than what they promise, and the adverse reactions are significantly more than they want us to believe. The effects of these vaccines on the human body are infinitely more complex than anyone can imagine… a million shades of gray, you may say.

From the Beginning
You just got injected with 0.3 ml of mRNA vaccine in your deltoid muscle. What happens next?

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