65-Year Old Texas Woman Tackled, Arrested For Refusing To Mask A Day After Abbott Lifted Mandate

March 14, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source: www.zerohedge.com

Early on in the pandemic “lockdowns” it was sadly an all too familiar scene to see people getting arrested over standoffs that ensued when patrons of businesses refused to wear a mask. But in Texas despite Governor Greg Abbott having lifted the mask mandate and opened the state back up “100%” it’s still happening, apparently.

The mask mandate was lifted statewide on March 10, but the very next day on Thursday a 65-year old Texas woman found herself being tackled to the ground by police after being told by a Galveston Bank of America branch to mask up.

Abbott had left it up to businesses or any premises on private property to decide if they want to require masks or not. The Republican governor explained in his announcement early this month, “If businesses don’t feel safe opening, they should not be required to.” Here’s what happen when the woman in Galveston defied the bank’s mask order on Thursday…