TRPH RADIO SHOW VIDEO CAST 6 07 22 with guest ZeusX

June 14, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff


By V, host of The Red Pill Hardcore on RBN


V taking on the the subject of the Manosphere and Migtow is nothing new — being the sigma male that he is — with V’s regular contributions to Neroke’s “Red Pill Nation” Podcast on Bitchute.
Sadly to say, teaching women how to be women before they get replaced is actually a real subject in our post-gender-war modern-day society. The only women that will survive to be a vessel of genetic identity to be passed onto the next generation, with their own bloodlines, are the ones who meet the expectations of real men: Men who are not deceived by the NWO agenda weakening mankind through degenerative social and economical engineering, in which the greedy and selfish masses are subjugated and brainwashed.