Liz Wheeler Shows ‘Queer Theory’ Taught to Children Advocates for Pedophilia

June 24, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  needtoknownews

Gayle Rubin who wrote the founding document of Queer Theory, Wiki
Liz Wheeler exposes an essay, Thinking Sex, written by lesbian Gayle Rubin in 1980, which is considered the founding document of ‘Queer Theory’. It is the ideological underpinning of the lessons that include transgender ideology that are currently taught to children and are presented as being true, objective reality, but are false. Gayle Rubin wrote that sex is always political. Sex is being used as a political weapon. Democrats, leftists and some teachers claim that conservatives are falsely smearing anyone who supports transgender ideology as being a pedophile. Yet Rubin’s document advocates for child pornography and pedophilia.

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