A Halloween Lesson for Chocolate Lovers; Life After Covid-19 (part 1)

November 29, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT | By CE Carlson

The little ghosts and gypsies with candy sacks half full of chocolates are gone for another year. I for one have enjoyed the leftovers. Who is not a chocolate lover, fighting a craving?

But did you know that an organization called the World Cocoa Foundation manipulate favorable (low) cocoa prices for their candy maker member-buyers? This is, of course, at the expense of poor African cocoa farmers.

The World Cocoa Foundation publishes beautiful magazines and flyers showing grinning black faces and neat and clean new clothing, playing in the jungle and climbing in the cocoa trees. But all labor in the jungle for cocoa beans. Dads, wives and, kids sweat and toil.

Unlike most cartels, WCF is designed to keep the price of the product down, not up. This is because the WCF cartel represents the candy maker who demands low prices for cocoa beans. No one represents the producers.

WCF is funded and controlled by Hershey and Nestle and about others, the biggest cocoa users in the world. They have kept the price down for their profit for many years. This monopoly commits thousands of African families to near-slavery in the jungle. The monopoly works, cocoa beans are always cheap, and Halloween chocolates never are!
How do I know all this is true and why should I care about a few jungle farmers?

I know because about a year ago I invested in cocoa, without knowing who runs things. I do this to pay my share of the whtt.org expenses. But this time I lost the tail of my shirt (not the whole shirt), else there would be no We Hold These Truths. Unfortunately, I only belatedly found out about the cocoa monopoly.

I am a little embarrassed at my naivete but I want you to understand the WCF so you can better see through the similar tactics of the Covid-19 promoters. These people are control experts including public multi-billionaire frontman Bill Gates and many more unseen promoters of a controlled world.
The Covid 19 “pandemic” is run much like the World Cocoa Foundation’s smooth but callus acts. WCF provides a clue to how the Covid 19 control mechanism is controlling us. The mechanics of the two cabals are mirror images. The C-19 panic is being used to control you and me. The planners’ scheme for us and our families would leave us in a similar boat to the jungle cocoa farmer.

In the next issue, I will examine those who benefit from the C-19 scheme and how. Theirs’ is only a little different than the WCF scheme that keeps the cocoa farmers and their families in poverty.

Link: World Cocoa Foundation.

Happy Thanksgiving
Charles E Carlson

P.S As many have noticed, WHTT has been dormant for weeks. I will not bore you with medical details, and doctors say I may go back to work!  I appreciate those who have continued to write, call, and support whtt.org. -Bless you, readers-CEC. (carlsonwhtt@yahoo.com)