ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt Spills the Beans on Who’s Really in Charge in America

December 9, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff



Source: IWB

by Chris Black

Truly incredible mask-off moment from the ADL boss.

For those that don’t want to watch on Twitter:

Black guy: you are proving Kanye right. He said that Jews have all the power and then lost everything

Jonathan Greenblatt: “If we don’t get him catches himself If we don’t deal with that…”

Black guy: mmmhmm

One is truly left without words here.

Greenblatt is admitting that the Jews absolutely have the power to take everything away from the richest black man in history when he says “we” have to “get him.”

But the reason Jews need to “get him” is that he is spreading a “myth” about the Jewish ability to get him.

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So basically:

do we crack down on them which proves their point

or let them freely spread their message

A dilemma and balancing act that only exists for those in power.

Notice also how they never call Ye a liar, not once.

David Irving had a bit whenever some zionist would show up at one of his talks and start kvetching – he would ask them:

Do you know why you’re hated? I know why I’m hated, but don’t you want to know why you’re hated?

It would always stop them cold in their tracks because they genuinely have no self-reflection.

Here is the full one hour interview, where you can see all of Greenblatt’s bizarre statements.