Americans Must Permanently Marginalize the Perpetual Adolescents of the American Left

October 11, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



Source: American Thinker

By Steve McCann

As the United States careens out of control and left-wing hysteria over the impending red wave in the 2022 mid-terms reaches a crescendo, the irrationality, obliviousness, and immaturity of the followers of American Marxism has been on display for the world to see.  These are the underlying characteristics of the clueless army of foot soldiers who dwell in a state of perpetual adolescence as they profess allegiance to those few who devoutly believe in a unique amalgamation of Marxism, Social Darwinism and oligarchism and are presently hellbent on transforming the nation.

Marginalizing this gaggle of oblivious disciples through the use of ridicule and isolation will cause the Marxists to crumble as there are so few of them.  Without their legions of foot-soldiers they will be unable to transform the nation.  However, the American people must first understand what motivates and animates these perpetual adolescents.

The Marxists can manipulate these fatuous acolytes as they are well-aware that among the traits of those that never escape their adolescent years is the conviction that they are always right, and the rest of the world is wrong — that they are, in fact, much smarter than those silly and inane adults (i.e., conservatives or independents) around them.

Additionally, the dyed-in-the-wool Marxists understand that being part of the in-crowd is really, really important to these dupes.  Thus, these permanent adolescents look for guidance from the cool guys (which the Marxists willingly portray themselves to be) to establish what they are supposed to believe in.

Further, the Marxists unabashedly portray themselves to be the superheroes whose control of government will ensure joy and happiness as many of these same gullible permanent adolescents have an unhealthy enthrallment with supernatural comic book heroes and refuse to cope with reality.

Membership in the American left as a foot soldier is easily attained.  All one needs to do is to mindlessly believe, accept, and live by the following:

  1. Those at the top of the pyramid, the self-anointed leaders and promoters of American Marxism, claim to always be the smartest and most sophisticated people in any room.  Therefore, to envision oneself as part of this gaggle, all one has to do is to robotically spout preapproved talking points and espouse leftist ideology without having the foggiest idea of what it means or its veracity.  Therefore, any and all innuendo regarding Trump, or false narratives of Russian collusion, or accusations of Republican duplicity, or the systemic racism purportedly running roughshod throughout America is unquestioningly believed and regurgitated.
  2. In a corollary to (a) above, the rank-and-file leftists believe all the really cool people are on the left since the self-proclaimed leaders of the movement have decreed there are no moral absolutes and Christianity is calculatingly oppressive; therefore, one can party on having a supposed endless and uninhibited good time.  The modern American Marxists are the current in-crowd corralling those mesmerized with celebrity and self-indulgence.  Those that expound on the consequences of an unfettered secular and hedonistic lifestyle are condemned as oppressive proselytizers.
  3. Americans are, by and large, obsessed with finding “meaning” in their lives.  For the radical left and their acolytes, the easiest way to achieve that meaning is either to be a victim or vociferously champion the cause of those the enlightened leaders of the radical left christen with exalted victim status.  This has the dual endgame of not only self-righteousness but blaming the cause of the victimhood on a repressive and unfair society.  However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be a victim in 21st Century America; therefore new categories of victimhood must constantly be fostered, and the old categories never resolved.
  4. The latest classifications of victimhood: 1) what heretofore was considered a serious mental health problem — transgenderism or Gender Dysphoria — has been declared normal behavior and is now eligible for victimhood on a par with racial discrimination and 2) any self-declared emotional trauma brought about by the utterings of others, particularly on the right, endows the aggrieved with victim status.
  5. Government, that great and infallible monolith behind the green curtain, can solve all of mankind’s problems.  Its primary function is to make certain the people are taken care of and assured of equal outcomes — as long as it is dominated by the leaders of the radical left — who are equally infallible.
  6. Those on the right are mean and determined to take away not only the good times but make certain government — see (e) above — will not take care of everyone and too many true-believers may actually have to find meaningful work.  Thus, the American right is the declared and unquestioned enemy and must be defeated by any means possible.
  7.  It is mandatory, when confronted with an alternative point of view, to throw a tantrum, as one used to do on a school playground, and call conservatives (i.e., adults) any conceivable name or accuse them of anything since the left’s cause is just and those on the right are Neanderthals who could never be correct about anything.
  8. Guilt is the ultimate weapon.  (Remember it worked with one’s parents.)  There is always something in the United States to be guilty about and that guilt requires restitution or public humiliation.  Besides, just as there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, there is a bottomless pit of wealth in America, but only the government in the proper hands — see (e) above — can distribute this never-ending bounty.

These traits and peculiarities do not prevail among the left in the many countries of Europe or elsewhere who have socialist leaning governments or citizenry.  Dependence on government in varying degrees is a common trait but the spoiled child approach to ideology and the opposition is not.  It is the sole preserve of the American Marxist foot soldiers.

Perhaps growing up in a nation that has not experienced any national adversity in over seventy-five-plus years or living in a country that has enjoyed the greatest period of peace and prosperity in the history of mankind has abetted the evolution this mindset.

Currently in the United States, less than 8% of Americans identify as very liberal or essentially Marxist and another 11% identify as liberal.  Yet this small subset (19%) of Americans dominates the culture, entertainment, education, the federal bureaucracy and most importantly, the Democrat party.  In November of 2022, the 81% of Americans who do not identify with the left must begin the process of permanently defeating the radical left and their fatuous acolytes if the nation is avoid the precipice toward which it is headed.

The United States must not be destroyed by the American Marxists and their attendant gaggle of egotistical and perpetual adolescents; therefore, the counter strategy is to denigrate these buffoons by never missing an opportunity to call them out, and above all by ignoring their infantile tactics as they have no weapon other than words and idle threats.  In other words, treat them as the adolescents they are.