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December 17, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff


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“The government has betrayed you and sold you to China” – Riccardo Bosi, leader A1 party



Riccardo Bosi is the leader of the Australia One party, a party formed to fight against globalism and with a goal of removing an “unconstitutional government”. The party has come to prominence in the backdrop of the pandemic and in this wide ranging chat [see below time stamps], Mr. Bosi discusses COVID, vaccine mandates, government responses, the threat of China and Australia’s housing crisis with Kalkine TV host James Preston (Insta: @jppretzel, Twitter: @jppresto).


00:00 Unconstitutional government

00:12 Monologue Introduction

00:52 What is A1’s position to COVID the virus and the governments reaction

02:19 Why is the media reporting very different numbers attending freedom rallies

03:39 Mike Carlton’s claims of sedition

06:23 Illegitimate Governments

08:10 Investigating the origins of COVID-19

10:45 Why does Riccardo believe governments are “killing their people”

15:58 China as a threat to Australia and the rest of the world

19:20 Should Australia boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics

20:33 Preventing foreign ownership of Australian property

22:42 What is the solution to the housing crisis, what policies would A1 employ?

27:35 Is A1 officially a registered party?

32:28 Riccardo’s final thoughts

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