ANIMATION: Massive Winter Weather System Covers Eastern North America

February 3, 2022 in News by RBN Staff



We have seen about 1/2″ of sleet and/or freezing rain accumulation in Round Rock, Texas, in the area around the RBN studio today.

Ice is solidifying up to 1/4″ on sidewalks and grassy areas, where it is able to build up against obstacles and structures.



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Major Winter Storm Impacting The Central, Southern And Eastern U.S.

A large-scale and massive winter storm will impact the Central, Eastern and Southern U.S. today. Heavy snow is expected from the southern Plains to northern New England, while heavy ice accretion is likely from Arkansas to Pennsylvania. In the warm sector across the South, heavy rain, flash flooding and severe thunderstorms are possible with the latter producing damaging winds and a few tornadoes. Read More >