Arizona Audit Is Complete & The Fraud Found Is Massive! Expect It To Take MONTHS To Tally Results

June 20, 2021 in News by RBN Staff

Source: The Beltway Report

It is now being predicted that the audit for Maricopa County will not be out for 8 weeks. That means there is a lot to report on.

If the audit showed the same as the original count it would be available immediately. The report must have found numerous discrepancies and each one has to be listed and explained. It will be hard to wait the 8 weeks but if my guess is right, it will be well worth it.

To be clear, no one has said the delay is because of multiple issues with the count but of course if that wasn’t the case, why would they need so much time? They are expecting to be done with their examination of the ballots by next week.

So, if it will take to the middle of August, there must be some reason why it will take so long for the final report.

From The Gateway Pundit

Citizen’s Press linked to an article at the Epoch Times about the timeline in the Arizona 2020 Election audit.  Here are some highlights from the article:

The final report for the 2020 election audit taking place in Arizona’s largest county is not expected to be out until mid-August, an official involved with the work says. Led by Cyber Ninjas, which was hired by the Arizona Senate, auditors are working on evaluating ballots after finishing their ballot recount.

The ballot evaluation is supposed to wrap up by the end of June—the Senate is slated to vacate the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where the audit is taking place, by July 1—but there will be a few weeks worth of additional work after that, Ken Bennett, a former Arizona Republican secretary of state, told The Epoch Times.

“We’ve got the remainder of June to do what we’re doing here at the coliseum. Then there’s a few weeks probably of work on checking the envelope signatures, and looking at voter registration anomalies, and this work that we want to do on the retabulation, so maybe that takes up some or most of July, and then the auditors are going to need a few to several weeks to put the report together,” said Bennett, the Arizona Senate’s liaison for the audit.

Maricopa County allegedly had 2.1 million votes cast, making it not only the biggest county in Arizona but also one of the largest counties in the United States. The county had not been won by a Democrat since Truman.

There could be a lot of issues, including (i.e. missing ballots, fraudulent ballots, missing chain of custody documentation, etc…).