BREAKING – People Being Paid HUGE Amounts To Protest Trump

January 21, 2017 in News by RBN Staff

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Donald Trump’s incoming administration has already brought in a lot of jobs, but these ones aren’t in our nation’s best interests!

Demand Protest, a so-called “grass roots support” group, is paying protesters $2,500 to protest at Trump’s inauguration, via Backpage.


If the protester attends six events for the year, he or she gets the $2,500 monthly bonus, along with their “standard” wage of $50 an hour!

Forget going into a trade or starting a small business! Why would a young person want to contribute to the economy when he or she can get paid $50 an hour to yell and stomp? When you add in the hourly rate plus the bonus, they could actually make a legitimate living being a professional protester.

The organization has posted ads calling for “operatives” in 20 major cities. The ad claims they are seeking people who are “already motivated” to protest Trump, but that doesn’t pass the smell test.

This makes it sound as though they are looking for people who are ready to start problems. They are literally paying to incite violence.

The organization has also poured a great deal of money into a 24-hour “support line,” which the staff—and that’s what these protesters really are—can call. For what? The ad doesn’t say. All I can say is this support line had better not be a way to coordinate against police or members of the public — or the people who run Demand Protest are going to be sued.

The ad does, however, add that employees will receive health benefits, paid training days, and paid vacation. Perhaps what is most telling is the company also offers to pay for the employee’s transportation to the protest sites. This is just a scheme to get people out on the streets to cause chaos and further divide the country.

I’m sure this ad will attract a lot of foolish millennials, along with the desperate and unemployed. So, remember this ad on Inauguration Day and ask any protesters you stumble upon what they are going to do with their paid vacation courtesy of Demand Protest.

This makes it very clear not all protests against Trump are actually legitimate. In many cases, they are nothing more than paid protesters offering their services for a few bucks.

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