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September 28, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

Chief James Craig for Governor



It’s official: Gretchen Whitmer has a challenger for Michigan Governor that has the Democrats shaking in their boots.


After only a few days in the race, he’s already TIED with her in the general election!


So who is this candidate?


He’s someone who is not a politician. Someone who has a record of serving the people of Michigan and getting real results. Someone even the Detroit News is talking about as a challenger that will leave the Democrats flat-footed.


It’s Chief James Craig, the former Detroit police chief and Michigan’s next governor!

Exclusive – Michigan Polls: James Craig Dominant in Primary, Tied with Gretchen Whitmer in General Election

Here’s what the latest numbers show about the state of the race:

  • The Chief has a commanding 30 point lead in the Republican primary.
  • He’s currently tied with Gretchen Whitmer in the general election, just days after his official campaign launch.
  • And the polling shows that the more voters get to know him, the more they support him.

The data is clear – the Chief’s position in this race is strong and getting stronger. We can win in Michigan!


The Left is terrified of his candidacy – it’s why they sent mobs of left-wing protesters to try and crash his launch event last week.


And they should be terrified!


Let us tell you a little bit about why his entry into the race this week is turning heads across Michigan… and across the country.


Before he had even declared that he was running, Tucker Carlson invited Chief Craig on his show.


They talked about why Michigan needs real leadership – and you should see what Tucker had to say about his time leading the Detroit Police Department through the unrest of 2020:


“When the crisis came, you rose to it. And your city didn’t burn… when it came down to it, you kept it safe. And I think that really matters.”

His 40+ years serving as a police officer taught him a lot about leadership – and a lot about the importance of law and order.

James Craig has a special announcement


See, the Chief grew up in Detroit during the ’67 riots, seeing tanks rolling down the streets and snipers on the roofs.


He was with the Los Angeles Police Department when the Rodney King riots happened.


The police retreated, and let their city burn. He saw that happen.


Since he’s been Chief of Police in Detroit, the police have never retreated.


When he came home to run the Detroit Police Department, it was in shambles. Morale, equipment – it all needed help. The response time to 911 calls was an hour, if you were lucky.


The Chief started with Colony Arms – the epicenter of crime in Detroit. He made it an example. The police mounted an assault. Twenty to thirty arrests later, they cleaned it up. It showed that the police force was back in Detroit and that we never again would allow criminals to rule our city. That is leading from the front.

'We are not messing around'

Then, the Chief went into the city and met with every group he could find. Developed trust, showed what leadership could do.


So, when the unfortunate situation happened with George Floyd, and outsiders came here to try and burn us down, Detroit did not burn.


Leadership – real leadership – matters.


Living within the rules we set for others, instead of within some special rules for the elite.


No “rules for thee, not for me!”


Michigan has had enough of that. There are no kings and queens in America. Leading from the front. Why don’t politicians get that?


Bringing our state back from the front. That’s leadership.


You don’t see much of that out there.


That’s why he crisscrossed the state this month, announcing his candidacy for Governor of Michigan. Will you stand with the Chief against Gretchen Whitmer?

Sometimes people are surprised to hear that the Chief is a Republican.


He grew up a Democrat. But then he watched as Democrats allowed our cities to riot, to burn, and to fail. He watched as they pushed handouts that increased dependency on the government for political gain.


And what the Democratic Party stands for today – liberal wokeism and a perpetual victimhood mentality – those are NOT his values. He voted for President Trump in both elections – proudly.


And we’re pretty sure you can guess HIS position on “Defund the Police!”


Michigan Republicans need a candidate that can bring our message into areas that aren’t traditionally Republican voters.


And all of Michigan needs a governor that leads from the front.


Lead from the front. Keep our people safe. Solve problems. That’s what Michigan needs. Will you join us in supporting Chief James Craig for Governor?


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– Chief James Craig Team

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