Canadian Radio Host Forced Off-Air for “Dangerous” Pro-Convoy, Anti-Covid Passport Speech

February 11, 2022 in News by RBN Staff



 by Adan Salazar for Infowars

‘It seems I have to avoid talking about all the things that really matter,’ said radio host Kid Carson.


A popular radio host in Canada is leaving his position with radio station Z95.3 after he espoused support for the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

In his last radio segment Wednesday, host Kid Carson discussed how he’s been instructed to ignore certain topics he feels are important, namely the convoy of truckers protesting vaccine mandates in the nation’s capital city.

“What silly, stupid thing that doesn’t really matter can I talk about today?” Carson said in a segment. “It weighs heavy on me not to share my honest feelings and commentary about what’s happening around us.”

“It seems I have to avoid talking about all the things that really matter.”

“I feel like I’m trying to stay on my best behavior so I can be liked again, so that I can keep my job. Instead of doing what we are all supposed to be doing, which is having passionate discussions about the insanity that is happening around us,” he said.

Carson went on to say, “This radio show sucks without another point of view. The whole media landscape sucks without another point of view.”

He also described media suppression of the convoy and pointed out that people who believe the convoy is racist have been deceived.

“How are we supposed to know what’s happening in the world for real if the media’s not telling us?”

“If you think the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa is a racist movement, you have been tricked. You have been fooled. Ya know? What we need to realize is that it takes real eyes to recognize real lies. This isn’t about race, or health, or Nazi flag, or masks. It’s about trying to keep our children off a digital ID that will control every aspect of their lives. That can be switched off at anytime.”

“If you only knew, you’d be so mad, but I’ll be the one mocked for doing my own research.”

“The final thing I want to say is why, why is the news not telling us the truth? We see truckers setting up bouncy castles for kids, feeding the homeless, dancing, being so damn Canadian – but the news is calling it violent. I don’t understand it,” he added.

Carson said things changed about six months ago after he was spotted at an anti-mandate protest in Vancouver and was ordered not to discuss the topic.

Speaking to Vancouver media outlet Daily Hive, Z95 senior vice president of brands and content for Stingray Radio, Steve Jones, described Carson’s on-air content as “dangerous” and claimed after Wednesday’s broadcast both parties decided to “mutually part ways.”

“Kid has some very firm views on a number of topics and we respect his right to have those views. We just feel that the kind of show that would contain those views, and that kind of talk, isn’t what Z95 is really about,” Jones said.

“As an entertainer, you definitely get free rein to give your opinions and that’s important. But when your opinions cross into territory that is potentially dangerous, that’s a whole other area.”

When those opinions get dangerous, we have an obligation to be truthful and honest and accurate. And I think all of us in the media take this very seriously,” Jones said.

As of Friday, the website for the Kid Carson Show at showed a 404 error page. Carson, meanwhile, encouraged users to listen to him on Spotify.

Listen to part of Carson’s last transmission: