Carhartt Faces Backlash After KEEPING Vaccine Mandate

January 24, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  americanrighttv


A leaked letter from the CEO of Carhartt defending his vaccine mandate has sparked a firestorm online, with thousands of Americans vowing to boycott the workwear manufacturer.

Despite the Supreme Court blocking Biden’s vaccine mandate for large employers, Carhartt decided they would go “woke” and continue to force workers to be fully vaccinated by Feb. 15 or find other employment.

Now the company is facing major backlash and even boycotts over the issue in another example of go woke, go broke.

Jack Posobiec even offered free ads for Carhartt competitors. Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA also blasted the move, calling Americans to boycott the company.

Matt Walsh shares how conservatives should fight back against woke corporations that trample on individual rights. Instead of telling Carhartt workers to quit, he argues conservatives should stop buying Carhartt until they change their policy.

That’s it, but that’s also all it will take to get the company’s attention. Imagine the company getting it’s monthly report from January and suddenly 70 or 80 percent of its sales drop.

What do you think they’ll blame it on? It won’t be hard to figure out it’s connected to their vaccine mandate.

Check out the video for the full details along with some solid advice on how to respond to companies dishing out vaccine mandates even when they no longer have to do so.