Caught on video: California Sen. Richard Pan FLEES on foot after VAXXED filmmakers attempt to confront him over vaccine mandate

May 15, 2016 in News by D

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) California Sen. Richard Pan, who spearheaded the SB 277 vaccine mandate in California that will damage countless children from vaccine adverse events, was caught on video fleeing VAXXED documentary filmmakers.

As revealed in the video below, VAXXED filmmakers Del Bigtree and Andrew Wakefield visited Sen. Pan’s office in the hopes of opening a discussion with him about vaccine safety and the fundamental human rights of medical choice.

First, Sen. Pan’s staff lied to the visitors, falsely telling them Pan wasn’t there. That’s when he tried to sneak out a back door and flee the scene.

But he was caught on camera, fleeing down the hallway as Del Bigtree gave chase. Watch this video to see for yourself:

The true cowardice of Calif. Sen. Richard Pan on full display

Now we see the true colors of Sen. Richard Pan, a coward and medical child molesterwho talks a big game when he’s pushing medical interventions that harm children. But when he’s faced with people who want to discuss the real issues, he flees down a hallway and into a secure area, protected by men with guns and badges.

Why are we not surprised?

Sen. Richard Pan, like all vaccine fanatics, routinely refuse to answer to the people whose children he condemns to being maimed and even killed by toxic vaccine ingredients that are forced upon them. He has no problem violating the law to pass Big Pharma’s vaccine agenda, but refuses to honor the greater laws of human rights and medical choice.

Sen. Pan, a proven liar about vaccines, mirrors the total lack of ethics found among all the other vaccine pushers, including the fugitive from justice Dr. Poul Thorsen, the psychopathic info-terrorist Dr. David Gorski, and CDC sellouts who violate children for profit so they can land lucrative jobs with the vaccine industry.

What all these vaccine pushing miscreants and fraud artists have in common is a total abandonment of medical ethics and human rights. They believe the state shall use coercion, the threat of force and the threat of kidnapping children to force parents into subjecting their own children to toxic, sometimes deadly medical interventions that irrefutably harm and kill a growing number of children.

Now that vaccines are mandatory in California, their next project will be to legislate mandatory organ harvesting from everyone, totally against their will.

Fleeing the scene of the legislative crime like a common thug

People like Sen. Richard Pan are, in effect, baby killers… and they carry so much shame that they literally flee the scene like a common criminal when documentary filmmakers seek to ask them some simple questions. Watch Sen. Richard Pan’s behavior to learn how medical criminals really operate. The man is a shameless destroyer of innocent lives, and he flees to the darkness of a government basement like a human cockroach scurrying away from the light.

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