China gives order to commence war with Japan ‘if it is appropriate to fight’

February 24, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: China Daily Mail

The following is a translation from Chinese media:

Quite a few people have said that the conflict over the Diaoyus (known as Senkakus in Japan) has passed the stage of oral confrontation and what follows may very probably be direct military conflict.

It is especially so as, relying on US support, Japan is obviously declaring war against China already.

Sources say that China’s Central Military Commission has directly given Chinese military the instruction: “Fight if it is appropriate to fight.”

Sources pointed out that they had received information that Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, gave a relevant warning to a Japanese economic and trade delegation that recently visited China.

Xi specially pointed out to the delegation when he met them, if Japan kept provoking China and thus gave rise to an unstable situation, it alone has to be responsible for all the consequences.

Source: “China’s Central Military Commission has given clearly instruction: ‘Fight if its is appropriate to fight’ that shocks Japan” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)