Chris Wallace left Fox News Viewers Red With Rage Over This Attack on Tucker Carlson

January 2, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


President Trump and many of his supporters point to “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace as the source of criticism that the network is drifting to the left.

Wallace is doing nothing to quiet that criticism.

And Chris Wallace left Fox News viewers red with rage over this attack on Tucker Carlson.

If Joe Biden takes over as President, Jen Psaki will serve as his press secretary.

Psaki appeared on the latest episode of “Fox News Sunday” for her first interview since being named to the post of potential press secretary.

Instead of asking Psaki tough questions about the myriad of subjects Biden avoided during the General Election Wallace was more than happy to show he would be part of the team.

Wallace launched into a diatribe about conservatives – including unnamed hosts on Fox – for attacking potential First Lady Jill Biden over her fake title of “Doctor.”

Chris Wallace falsely claimed that no one took issue with men using a fake title of doctor like Henry Kissinger and Martin Luther King, Jr.

“There has been some criticism recently from conservatives, including some conservatives on Fox News, about the fact that First Lady-to-be Jill Biden goes by the title ‘Dr.’ I wonder, what is the Bidens’ reaction to that, especially given the fact that so many people over the years — I think of Dr. Henry Kissinger, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King — have gone by the title doctor even though they’re not medical doctors and nobody seems to have made a fuss about that,” Wallace exclaimed.

The most prominent unnamed conservative Wallace was referring to was Tucker Carlson who brutally mocked “Doctor” Jill Biden’s sloppy and error-filled dissertation that earned her a doctorate in education.