Climate Change Is Nothing More Than A Big Fat Lie

May 6, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source: americanrighttv


If you were wondering whether climate change is real – the short answer is no.

In the following video, author David Siegel explains why the climate agenda is a big fat lie and that the powers that be, are hell bent on having all of us in a state of confusion and fear, to make money.

Children are always taught about the planet when they are small, they are all taught that plants make oxygen, and that we as human beings, breathe oxygen.

This is the most basic way you can explain to a child the importance of plants.

What do plants eat? Well, sunshine and carbon dioxide – what we breathe out of our mouths many times a day, for our entire life.

So, when exactly did carbon dioxide become a problem?

When globalists like Al Gore wanted to basically set up a cash cow, by taxing everyday people to pay for an invisible and unmeasurable threat – CO2.

In terms of carbon dioxide, there is no threat – at all – to humans. We need it more than we don’t – obviously.

Tell that to all the climate change fanatics, however, and they’ll all collectively lose their minds and tell you “The science is settled” when that is nowhere near the truth.

Science has never been settled on climate change and those who come up with “research studies” about how we are all going to die if we don’t somehow manage to cool the Earth – are usually paid by those who want those results.